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09-24-2013, 10:21 AM
Unfortunately, The KDF always get screwed over all our best consoles is on Fed hands (soon the Fed with get our Aceton Assimilator), the Romulans have superior Boff's space traits the fed too have alteast a average stackable space traits ''Leadership'' while the KDF have None, while the Pirate trait on Naussican was change by Cryptic to fit the Space trait role, It's does NOT work as for the Leathen trait, it's useless compare to other factions counterparts.

And the last... our BoP and Raptors are obsolete and can't complete with newer Fed/Rom ship designs with 5 weapon slots and 5 tac consoles in 1 on 1 situation, that leave the only indigenous ships like the Battle Cruisers and Carriers that atleast put some fight. but the only thing that carry us to victory in PvP is our Experience like a Professional Army (KDF) vs a Conscripted Army (Fed)
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09-24-2013, 11:04 AM
No 5 Bridge officer Battle Cloaking ship outside of the Peghqu' Heavy Destroyer Veteran ship. No 5 Tactical console ship outside of the Bortasqu' Tactical Cruiser. No Escort like ship with a Hanger at all outside of lockbox ship. No 5 Forward weapon ship at all.

I personally think these are big issues.

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