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During STF's and ever since the latest patch something else is broken...enemies, like borg spheres and gates in a variety of STF's are just disappearing while shooting at them.

In Khitomer Vortex, I was fighting a cube above a transformer..about 20 seconds after the start of the encounter, the cube, the transformer and both gates in the system just vanished. I was unable to target anything and my ship ceased firing weapons. my hangar pets continued to fire, but I was unable too.

I asked if anyone else noticed stuff vanishing and the rest of the group had the same problem.

How is that Cryptic can break something like this? The patch was not even related to this!

Now the game is unplayable for me, thanks Cryptic

BTW, my video card is GeForce GTX 690 with latest drivers, its not my system, and everyone in group seen this happen too, the last 2 days it has been happening.

Update: Just did another Vortex elite and same problem, only this time, Donatra was just vanishing, and this is not her cloaking, this was like she just gone, and on top of that, when she became visable again, she was 160km away from us and back to FULL health and shields after we had took her down to 6%.

GG, manage to break something completely separate from what the patch was supposed to fix

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# 2 new patch, old problem
03-01-2014, 04:44 PM
I've been having this same issue for about a week now. At first it was only happening to the main entity in C.C.E. runs, and only sporadically. The crystalline Entity would vanish entirely... although I could still see others in the group firing at the blank spot in space where it should be. Sometimes it would blink back after a few seconds, and sometimes I had to move forward or backwards several kilometers to get the entity to reappear. As the previous post mentions, my fighters sometimes seem unaffected... but sometimes they also stop attacking. The effect often even lasts long enough for me to go out of combat. It seems like going out of combat always triggers the enemy to reappear, so at least there is a limit to the duration of the bug in that. When the enemy vanishes, it clears my target and turns off my weapons.

After the most recent patch, this last Thursday, this issue spread to Elite Borg S.T.F. runs as well. During K.A.S.E. runs, on multiple occasions, the elite Borg cube enemy at the beginning of the run vanished at about 50% health during combat. I asked in team chat if anyone else had the same issue, and 2 of the other group members reported the same, while 2 did not experience it. Once I was out of combat, the cube reappeared and was defeated.

This also happened once with a Borg sphere in an S.T.F. run, and now happens to me consistently several times in every C.C.E. run I attempt. Hoping it might be helpful information to you in troubleshooting the issue, I have noticed that it doesn't happen (as far as I have experienced) in Azure Nebula Rescue at all. Prior to this bug, I consistently got first or second place medals for C.C.E. each time. Lately I have been getting 3rd if any.

Additionally, I have been fearful to do any Borg missions, because the optional goals could be compromised if, for example, a probe vanished and was able to arrive at the trans-warp gate because of it. That means that instead of several hours per day of play-time, I have resigned myself to dilithium collection/refining and an occasional Azure Nebula Rescue mission.

More disheartening is that after searching the S.T.O. forums and performing a Google search as well, I could not find any recent posts or known issue threads about the issue. This was the most recent thread I could find about the issue, and it seems to be an old one. I am hopeful that what I am experiencing is a similar or related issue, and posting on this old thread will help the developers correlate the issue. I am glad to help with troubleshooting or additional input in efforts to assist in finding a resolution.

While I have the chance, I also wanted to extend a thank you to the development team for their great work lately. I have noticed a focus on stability, bug-fixes and fine-tuning. It is appreciated. The extra bag space was a god-send was well! Many thanks for all you do! Keep up the great work!


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