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When I started playing LoR I didn't have any issues with the Romulan costume pieces I had access to. Once I chose my faction allegiance I started having problems. The first problem I noticed was that the Romulan Klingon Uppers and Lowers were color-linked (where changing the color on the Upper/Lower piece changes the other). I had occasionally run into this behavior before LoR but it was always fixable by randomizing the selections of either the Upper or Lower. Now, however, the Romulan Klingon costume pieces (both 1 and 2) were linked regardless of what I did.

Okay, no big deal, right? Well, that color-linking issue spread to almost all the costume pieces added by LoR, with some exceptions noted below (also, I'm not sure it "spread" as much as I didn't use those costume pieces before I was aware of the problem). In addition to the color-linking, another issue surfaced where I couldn't change the color of some costume pieces. Specifically, the Romulan Klingon Lowers, but this behavior occurred seemingly at random on other costume parts. [I believe this is due to a color-linked piece combined with a non-color-linked piece, "locking" the linked color palette. But I'm not sure.]

The following costume parts are linked in almost all of the combinations I've tried. Some Lowers seemed okay until I paired them with one of the Romulan Klingon Uppers, after which they were color linked.

This is all for a Romulan Female (liberated borg, if that matters).

Romulan Klingon 1 & 2
Romulan Republic 1 & 2
Romulan Veteran (all)
Republic Dress Uniform
Romulan 24th Century C-Store costume (all)
Romulan Civilian

The following costume pieces do not have this linking behavior regardless of the combinations I tried.

Romulan 22nd Century Upper
Romulan Tal Shiar Upper
Survivor Romulan (Upper & Lower)
Romulan Civilian Vest Upper
Bare Chest (all)
Shirt Simple
Standard KDF Lowers (Standard, Reinforced, Riveted, Worn Leather)

EDIT: I did get the Tal Shiar Upper and the Survivor Romulan Lower to link, but that was after having the Romulan Klingon boots already selected (those don't have color palette options, either). I also got all the standard KDF Lowers to link that way, too. Changing the boots to something else, then changing the Upper/Lower to something that hadn't been linking, then back to the Tal Shiar/Survivor Romulan did NOT restore the color-link. So I'm pretty sure there are major issues with the Romulan Klingon costume pieces.

Lastly, NONE of the standard KDF costume boots have color palette options. I did not notice if they had them pre-KDF Allegiance, but they have color options on my KDF main, so...

So you guys will have these fixed by next patch, right?

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