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I think most of us would agree that the new improvements to dialog reach markers have greatly expanded some functionality. IMO, changes like these have vast potential to move the Foundry out of Beta. So, I'd like to make a list:

Please name the things you could do without other trigger limitations. For example, reach markers have no triggers. What could you do if they did?

Lot of stuff that you put in the storyboard loses triggers like "component complete." What could you do with objects if you still had access to all the triggers when the object is part of the storyboard? What could you do if the dialog prompt triggers also recognized popup dialogues?

Blue bubble dialogues also have limited triggers. What are some of the things you could do if they didn't?

This is basically an "I could do X, if it weren't for Y." Y = the trigger you don't have at a time when you need it.

PS. And yeah, I know that there are ways to fake some of these things by doing complex stuff with invis objects, etc. But let's try to focus on what is possible, simply if you had less restrictive triggers.

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NPC contact in a "dialog with contact" objective:

(When a npc contact is part of a "dialog with contact" objective, then my only triggers to make her/him visible are "immediately," or "this objective in progress." My only options to make her/him go invis are "never" and "this objective complete.")

If I had access to other options, then I could:
  • beam in a npc without having to talk to the npc immediately. This means that I could beam in a npc, then scan the body, then talk to the patient via the "dialogue with contact" option in the storyboard.
  • beam out the npc during a later part of story, when it is right for the story, despite the npc being in my storyboard.

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Having the limitations lifted in this way i think would make it a lot easier to have optional stuff related to story board objects

Not sure if that makes sense I'd have to check the foundry next time i log in, But i'm fairly certain it would make the hurdles of optional content less difficult to get over

for instance, i think story board items can only be set to appear instantly or when objective in progress ( correct me if i'm wrong, quite tired when typing this )

Which means if i want to have a branching puzzle with a proper faliure option thats not on the story board , i have to wall off the next story board object to make it inaccessable until the puzzle is complete in order to force the player to make a choice in the puzzle ( puzzle has a crewman live/die and it changes key story dialogue later on so its kind of important they make this choice and not just walk away)

Now if i could have the story board item hidden until such time as i wanted it to appear then i wouldn't have to block it until the Off story board branching Puzzle is completed

Hopefully this block of text makes sense

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