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# 1 Ka -tet | Status of the Fleet
09-21-2013, 10:28 PM
From Ri Po, second in command for Lady Themis, and commander of The River Crossing mining outpost:

Recently our fleet has grown exponentially. We have refitted ships (most notable, the Democritus-Apollon, with better propulsion) for more rugged encounters, and we have hired 3 new pilots. (The Order-Shrike has been kind enough to outfit our vessel with a powerful forward turret. Thank you!).

Our pilots have proven themselves worthy in battle, and in their education. Such as the moravec, Mahnmut; Tiberius Kirk; Satchmo - and several others.

All of you might recall our research vessel, the USS Brattain, which was found in a nebula (that was named after Mahnmut.)

It has been very hard work building our clientele, with the OSC-Asteague/Che - you may have noticed a floating, graceful behemoth taking voyages between sector 001 and the outskirts of Betazoid and Ferengi space especially). The ship was severely damaged by rogue BIO LEGION pilots, intending to put another notch on their belt, who took matters to extremes. (They have also made vicious attacks against our freighters, without probable cause - such as the ones being escorted by Klingon battleships from North Central Positronics, during the season of some of their major festivals.) As a soldier, this angers me like you can't imagine.)

I don't usually ask this (I'm too proud of my abilities) but, I wish to ask all lawfuls and unlawfuls, who are diplomatic enemies of the Karemma (and Dosi) to consider being recruited into Ka -tet. As for the DOSI, they have been bullying and destroying OSC gunboats near Deep Space 3 for the past two weeks. They keep harping on the fact that we are not welcome there, when it's actually the other way around. The Ferengi, have considered creating a blockade of some sort, but they are still working out the logistics.

Also, according to the Ferengi and the Patriarchy, the attitude of the Karemma has been inflated to ridiculous levels. According to a data burst sent by Grand Nagus Nog, often you will see Karemma fighters threatening two miner gunboats and several miners with combat turrets. How Karemma fighters have travelled so far from the Gamma Quadrant is unknown. But the Patriarchy is willing to survey the area in which those ships were first encountered.
This will end one way or another. Preferably with sub-space weapons.

I will sign off for now. These Antarans are making quite a ruckus in the secondary ballroom again. Apparently the Atreans are being too intrusive with their banter, whatever that means. Breaking up fights is beneath me.

Until next time, I remain,
Paramoni, aboard the OSC liner Asteague/Che

P.S. According to Hutch, one female Klingon was getting hot under the collar when she viewed the schematics of the forward gun that had been installed on such a small luxury ship, the Democritus-class Apollon
End Transmission . . .

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