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Hello all,

Annoying bug; my Rom Tac Boff (female, VR) bought at the (KDF) embassy lost her face.

It's amusing the first few minutes, but after a while it becomes quite irritating, since the faceless bug rears it's ugly head in every pop-up.

It happened after I traded it with a fleet-mate for cross-training. After returning it, its face was gone. The Boff's face did not restore after exchanging it again.
Btw our ships checked out and were completely free of Alien facehuggers as well.

Since it's an Embassy Boff, I can't fix/change it's appearance via tailors (why not btw?).

I tried re-logging etc to see if it was a temporary thing, but alas it persists. My other Boffs (including a male Rom Tac Embassy Boff) have no issues.

Please advise.

On a side note; other bound Boffs (like the "Assimilated" accolade Borg Boff) can have their appearance changed via tailors, but the Embassy Rom Boffs not.
Please allow them to be customizable as well to allow them to fit in with my bridge crew.

Legacy of Romulus rocks !



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