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Originally Posted by twam View Post
But, but, we got the Emission-seeking Torpedo, right? Oh. I see.
Emission seeking Torpedo maybe is good against cloaked ships but it wont help a kdf raptor fighting an federation escort .If before LoR we had the case of a Kumari versus a raptor after Lor we have Kumari+PL versus raptor+torpedo seeking emission .
So in my opinion federation ships got an very useful energy buff by getting the PL while kdf ships got nothing useful.
( More, now in almost every PVP there are at least a couple of A2B federation cruiser's which are greatly advantaged by the PL ,by keeping their energy levels up, taking in account their innate shield mod and hull versus kdf ships.)

Anyway back to subject Defiant+batlecloak > that any bop or romulan escort .
It would be much superior to bops on shield mod and hull.It would be much superior to any 5 tac romulan ship in energy levels because it hasnt the 40 base energy level reduction as romulan ships have.
So it would be the ultimate escort-bop (whatever) in game.
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