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I am interested in finding a strictly PvP fleet.

My ingame handle is @Cpt.Lovett
Brandon Lovett@Cpt.Lovett
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09-25-2013, 12:33 PM

Just wanted to ask a few questions the answers to which might be helpful for finding the right fleet for you.

You've mentioned PvP. When you say a strictly PvP fleet are you saying a fleet that only does PvP and doesn't get involved in any other aspects of the game at all or would a fleet that does do other things but has whatever it is that you would define as sufficient PvP activity and focus?

Next up are there any particular times you tend to play? There are a lot of fleets out there that focus on specific time zones or times of day so you might find one that has the focus on PvP that you are after but doesn't have enough activity to suit you when you actually play the game.

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