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So as the subject says. When I send a message, be it in Zone, local, team, and in other custom channels I have setup I need to type the message twice before it will send.

It's been ongoing for me for a couple of months. I've not mentioned it because I thought it was everyone but nobody i've asked about this has the issue so I assume its just me.

To clarify:

I type "GG" at the end of an STF (as you do)

The first time I press enter, nothing happens. Then I need to press the up arrow on my keyboard to make the last message I typed appear and send it again. The second time it appears in the window.

Is anyone else having this? Is there a setting I need to be checking or unchecking in my options that can cause this?

Its not a game breaker but it is one of those annoying bugs that makes you scream when your trying to tell someone to do something urgently.



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# 2 Your not alone
03-16-2014, 06:19 PM
I also have this issue, it might be lag cause I get rubberbanding in sets of two every 15-20 min
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03-16-2014, 06:20 PM
Hey hey now!


Seriously folks, if a thread hasn't been responded to in 30 days please don't bring it back up If you feel you need to continue the thread by all means make a new one!

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