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10-02-2013, 10:26 AM
Originally Posted by royalsovereign View Post
An architecture firm I used to work for often did large military hangar projects. When I started there, someone handed me a drawing of a large airplane surrounded by a giant wire clothes hanger, with the word "H A N G E R" in huge letters under it. Most of us had copies of that drawing, and yet, it *still* got spelled wrong on drawings way too often.
Hey, sometimes you just need a way to keep your aircraft from getting wrinkled in storage!
Originally Posted by telbasta7386 View Post
While it can be argued that we can simply use the hangar pets of our allied factions (which is only partly true, any of the ship-specific pets cannot be used, and frigates cannot be used by romulan carriers either), we're still short on faction specific hangar craft compared to the kdf and romulan carrier options.
Most of the ship-specific pets besides the frigates are merely OK (the Orion Interceptors, while they require a ship to unlock, can be used by any carrier and the unlocking ship is T3, so K-Romulans can use them), and the larger of the Romulans' two half-carriers has its own frigate (something no other half-carrier can claim).
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10-02-2013, 11:13 AM
True, but I fly an arkif, no drone frigates for me =(

I posted about some singularity drones, which would not attack enemies but could target projectiles and fighters to act as a point defense system. In addition, they would serve as singularity capacitors - increasing your singularity charge rate and reducing cooldown.

They would be ideal for arkif flyers like myself that didn't really want a carrier, but would like to get a unique bonus from that hangar slot.

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