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09-26-2013, 11:44 PM
All right, I posted it another thread too, but lets show it here too, after 3 hours and 16 runs :

Most of these characters have either Mark XII Maco, Adapted maco/Honour guard OR mark XI borg sets , mark XI purple consoles, and Fleet advanced weapons, with Tier 5 omega and romulan rep powers.
Some may have kinetic cutter beam, plasmonic leech, assimilated console or romulan set console.

Federation tac - fleet patrol escort with dual heavy cannons and turrets, romulan torpedo.
Federation tac - breen crusier with dual heavy cannons and turrets, romulan torpedo.
Federation tac - breen cruiser with dual heavy cannons and turrets, romulan and omega torpedo.
Federation tac - Defiant with dual heavy cannons and turrets, dual beam bank.
Federation eng - fleet excelsior with dual beam banks and turrets, romulan torpedo.
Federation sci - armitage escort with dual heavy cannons and turrets, tricobalt torpedo, dual beam bank.
Federation sci - breen cruiser with dual heavy cannons and turrets, romulan and omega torpedo.

Romulan tac - fleet Mogai with dual heavy cannons and turrets , romulan torp.
Romulan tac - fleet T'varo with dual heavy cannons and turrets , romulan torp and omega torp.
Romulan tac - Scimitar with dual heavy cannons and turrets , romulan torp.
Romulan eng - Deridex with dual heavy cannons and turrets , romulan torp.

Klingon tac - breen cruiser with dual heavy cannons and turrets romulan torp .
Klingon tac - bortas science cruiser with dual heavy cannons and turrets, romulan torp .
Klingon tac - bortas science cruiser with dual cannons and turrets, romulan torp .
Klingon eng - bortas science cruiser with dual cannons and turrets, romulan torp.
Klingon Sci - Vu'qov with Birds of prey, dual beam banks, turrets, romulan torp.

Now my Klingon carrier science is perhaps the weakest one, with only the lame Aegis set.

With it, I managed to steamroll ISE with a normal team : Here is a dps counter log that a team mate used. I blanked out the team mates names as X for privacy's sake.

CombatLogReader?Infected Space[7:38]?Damage(DPS) X1 5,421,189 (14,341) X2 (7,759) ME 2,536,629 (7,125) X3 1,848,117 (5,295) X4 320,089 (1,099)

With this being of my weaker characters, I should be able to do Normal CE without problems. I used to be able to do elite with 1-2 deaths too (critical hits from CE on characters that are designed to resist plasma, not AP, shard spam or just me being dumb and not noticing the big shockwave buildup) .

The problem is the Mirro ships. Otherwise the event was easy, if the mirrors did not show up.

So please, do something with the Normal terran ships Cryptic. Its bad enough to wipe the floor with people who used to be able to do elite CE without much problem, and wipe the floor with ISE.

EDIT : the problem is the Mirror ships in Normal. I'm talking normal, not Elite Ce here. They can take damage that would destroy cubes in Elite STfs, and they come by the dozens.
Let us wear Swimsuits on Foundry maps or bridges please! I would pay zen for that.

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09-26-2013, 11:44 PM
Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
I would say rapid fire, beam overload and high yield are even better for the entity, unless you get the shard spam on you.
that works also but I like the aoe especially with torp spread as it helps the team by clearing out any shard spam around the entity. I find that apb or Apd is also a nice debuff on the massive amount of spam the CE is throwing out now.
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09-27-2013, 12:25 AM
Regarding people having trouble with Mirror Universe Ships:

In a slight variation of the Undine statement:
"For the player base to advance the weak must perish." Or rather adapt. After a few tries everyone will be able to do it. These "impossible" statements after one-two tries are just feeble.
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09-27-2013, 12:30 AM
You know, I have to laugh at Cryptic's irony.

Remember when they were revising the CE, one of the things they did was reduced the number of shards because the CE turned invisible due to video problems. And what they do? They add tons of NPC ships (which are on top of tons of player ships and fighters), and then add a environmental hazards as darkness clouds, radar jamming, gravity wells, and tyken spam. Which freaks people's video cards to death.

Whomever is the one responsible in calling this "fun", thanks. /sacrasm
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09-27-2013, 12:40 AM
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for challenging scenarios. But this isn't challenging, it's just stupid.

Flooding a map with so much spam that I either get kicked from the server from the lag, or have to struggle along through 30 second latency (or worse) isn't fun. It's an excercise in pointless frustration.
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09-27-2013, 12:46 AM
Did a few runs:

First run was easy, no MU spawns, and I did it on normal, just to see what I'm up against.
Next toon I used to do it on elite on a daily basis, so I tried that today as well. MU ships spawned, I ignored them and shot at the entity until I died. Respawned, and saw a huge amount of Mirror ships. Tried to ignore them and make out where the entity was located. No luck there, but I managed to get out of reach. That wasn't very satisfying, as doing nothing while my team is killed over and over again isn't fun. So I went back in, hoping to find the entity somehow. No luck there. Team left, was replaced, left, and I finally gave up, too.
Went to normal, same as the elite version this time. I couldn't see a difference between normal and elite (ok, I didn't get injuries on normal).
Next runs were all like the above described.

Edit: finished it with MU ships, but that time there wasn't that massive spawn I saw in earlier runs.

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09-27-2013, 12:48 AM
Originally Posted by dracounguis View Post
Vesta... 2 photon torps, one Hargh'peng, one cutting beam, 2 photon consoles. (all rare XIs) Parked at 9.8km. Got first place! Am I good or did everyone else suck?
My Lethean Sci in his non-fleet Varanus managed to take third place (normal). And he's the guy I take out when I want to goof off, so no way in hell is his build optimal.

I've run, and will keep running it on 6 characters. Everyone else is either too low level or I don't care enough about right now to bother with them. All six runs successfully completed, with only two (one normal, one elite) having any issues. Both the problematic runs suffered lag due to a bazillion mirror ships. And me blowing up because I got stupid in the elite.

Other than the graphics issues due to too many mirror ships I kind of like the randomness they added.
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09-27-2013, 12:51 AM
BTW, just remembered something.......

Thank you for "fixing" the CE charge up meter, or should I say the lack of fixing it. Still stupid to have that bar where it is, where players can't see the blasted thing. Would it kill you to add one to the targeting display in some fashion?

Then again, given the UI team have ignored the request of the visually disabled players....
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09-27-2013, 12:55 AM
Originally Posted by rickpaaa View Post
It actually rotates scenarios. I have had several CE's tonight that were completable. I also had a couple that were the MASSIVE mirror universe spawns, and they were not completable.

If you see static;
The goal is yours; Grab it

But if you see portals;
It is way above normal
I posted earlier about all the MU ships and phaser carnage of spawn camping NPC death then got one with the "Antimatter Spread" looking screen and it was as easy as the one with the rifts and the entire ship complement of the Terran Empire is impossible. I was able to complete 3 with the static on the screen in rather quick order while eventually bailing on every single one that spawned MU as it quickly became far too much for my CPU to maintain even 10 FPS out of my usual 40. Even the Elachi "Squid Ink Clouds" are not that much of a hindrance to beating it. If you can't see the CE, just "target next" until you get a lock and shoot from the blackness of the blot. But if you see inter-dimensional rifts, you might as well salute your fellows and leave.

I am reading backwards to the last post I read forward to earlier. At that time, a Dev or CM had said they looked at it and the aggro threshold was off and that even self-healing was an aggro magnet. I have not gone far enough back to see a follow-up, if any so far, to that statement. With that info in hand, my tactic for beating the CE is to kill it with clouds and kill it with static but run crying like a baby if I see MUs. I see absolutely no sense in wasting all those components on repairs and that much time in a fail when you can get two other scenarios that you can beat on elite for better drops. Heck, I got first place in a Mirror Universe DSSV on the static one. If I can, then granny can beat the CE down with her cane as long as the Terrans don't come out to play.
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09-27-2013, 01:03 AM
Originally Posted by bobbydazlers View Post
I realy like this event and enjoyed playing it last time with my fed and kdf, now I get to play it with my rommie.
I only wish the event was running for 28 days instead of just 21, I have cued the new project with the doff prize with all my characters but my rom was also able to cue the previous event with the shard pet prize.
If the event was running for 28 days I would be able to compete both these projects and that would bring my rom up in line with my others.
as it is I will have to do half of one project and hope the event is repeated in the future so I can finish it then.

dear Brandon, I see in an earlier post from you -
Originally Posted by bberge1701 View Post
OK, I have a few questions not covered in the announcement.

Is the old reward of the Crystal Shard space pet still available? I have some Romulan characters "born" after the first run, so they never got a chance to get it.

If so, how many shards to complete its project? If it's 14, like last time, it will be impossible to complete both the old project and the new project.

The old project is not available any longer. We may consider making a new way to obtain the Shard pet in the future. Please see the linked news post for information pertaining to players who already had it queued up, and information about the new project.


just to let you know the old project is available or at least it was on Tuesday when I cued it with my rom.
The old project with the crystal shard non-combat pet was available up until the event started today. I don't have a use for the doff so thankfully I was smart and queued up the old project Wednesday night on my romulan, reman, and recent level 50 orion. I didn't know at the time there was going to be a brand new project to take its place and I wouldn't be able to complete both projects, I just queued them up since I saw the event was coming again. So if you had the project queued in the project slot before the event started today you could keep it. They weren't going to auto remove the project because some players had it partially completed from the last time the event ran and they may want to finish it. (Some only need 1 crystal shard to complete the old project)

Sadly this means for 3 characters I won't be able to complete both projects, but I can get the second project that awards the doff queued up and partially completed in case they run the event again. Though that would mean I won't be able to do the repeatable project for marks and a little dil. Choices choices.

Edit: For the first time ever I got first place in the Crystalline entity mission and got the huge floor trophy for inside my ship. It was on my newest character: an Orion science captain in a standard Vo'quv carrier and I wasn't healing other players. Go figure.

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