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09-29-2013, 05:15 PM
Originally Posted by leadme2kirk View Post
I imagine it'll take 8 hours to complete a 5 man Voth STF. That being said, items in the Rep will help you fight the Voth and when you're done grinding you'll be sick of the Voth.

Copy/Paste....Next Reps down the line. Maybe instead you introduce a Rep System BEFORE the new content, so we can get the gear to fight said enemy?

Moving sliders and clicking items to buy over and over isn't's prelude to carpal tunnel syndrome.
I have to agree.. the entire rep system is a bit ridiculous. an when you have the black hole of fleet bases as well, feels like you are spending good deal of your game time dealing with junk....

anyway, the BIG BIG BIG Plus here is that there is actually and STF that doesn't involve the Borg. I even like some of the borg ground missions but having to remodulate gets old in about 5 minutes and is the main reason I don't bother. That and it only takes one idiot to screw up an STF
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Originally Posted by colonelchenchuan View Post
still not able to delete or rename Tovan Khev
Truly the most important thing the devs could be working on.
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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Oh, like the Mine Holding that makes it easier for smaller fleets?
The only thing the Mine did was make bigger fleets have something to do and most of the big fleets have T3 mine now.

My fleet is small but we are abotu to crak t2 on the mine. It is not really helping the fleet but we are pressing on. The fact that some of the later tiers are too expensive though, has caused a lot more people to leave the fleet and find another one or quit altogether.

Many of them have gone on to play star wars because this game is so bleeding boring with the endless grinding end game content. What we need is more content not new rep systems.

I haven't even done nukara rep because the gear is sub par and the passives are a waste of time. I will not grind another rep system and I will not create new toons either.

Good job PWE for killing what used to be a great game.
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Lobi is now bind on account!
Lobi can now be traded between all characters on an existing account through the account bank.
Lobi cannot be traded to other players or placed on the exchange.
This change will work on all existing lobi you?re already collected as well as all future earned lobi.
The Lobi tutorial that would reward a single Lobi is now once per account

woo, just in time for the end of the lobi sale!

haha, awesome anyway. Thanks guys. +1

Your Javelin deals 125417 (89066) Disruptor Damage(Critical) to Tholian Recluse. > lol

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