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# 1 Losing focus target
09-28-2013, 07:38 AM
Fighting the Crystal entitiy, I set it as focus target. So when I switch target, I can easy get back to this target. However at some point I have lost my focus target. Focus target is cleared. Why is this, what makes this happen? I don't want this, auto clear of my focus target.

I have keybind the whole thing, select focus target, set focus target and clear focus target. The first thing, select focus target works. I can use the key, although sometimes the focus is cleared. Keys for setting and clearing do not. Never did. They also do not work randomly. The key for setting and clearing I have chosen are out of way on my keyboard. It is hard to hit them by accident. This system as it works right now is a mesh.

Well I found out. It happens when those dark entitities spawn. Don't know if it is the entitity that is interacting or the chrystal gets itself a new version.

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