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SubAdmirals Journal stardate 27237.7I have decided to take some time to visit this station named Deep Space Nine in order to catch up on any news that may be developing regarding the Borg presence in the Alpha Quadrant. I will report to High Command when the situation merits......

Subadmiral Vrech had just come from an overly long and depressing briefing on various happenings that had occurred recently. What he needed now he thought, was a good stiff drink. After posing some questions to various passerby, he came upon a rather garish yet out of the way dive named Quarks bar, which by now had been well known through out the quadrant.
The first thing he noticed upon entering was the garish lighting and the shouts from other patrons of "dabo!". He saw that the main bar was lightly populated, so he walked over and chose a seat for himself. "What'll you have?" the smarmy ferengi bartender asked. "Make it a glass of scotch, neat" Vrech replied. The barkeep raised his eyebrow and proceeded to get his drink. Vrech turned himself around on his stool and proceeded to watch the crowd.

end of chapter One
very very.......


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