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# 1 Mirror Section Headquarters
09-27-2013, 10:05 AM
Stardate 91344.21 reporting Head of Mirror Devision Ambassador DuGalle on Mol Rihan

Report 001

To the Federation President and the Klingon Chancellor

Main Topic: Deferi Chaos Squadrons
Off Topic: Breen enslavement

The Deferi from my universe are far away as possible to there counterparts here if those here value Balance before all even before there survival the ones on the other side value chaos and terror they are truly a monsters without mercy without consiance. There main military force is called Chaos Squadrons there is about 35 to 41 active squadrons all the time and are always replenishing if one is lost speaking of witch there is an old saying from Earth early history its: " Pyrrhic victory" its always such victory when you fight them. The fleet of Romulan refuges i was with was annihilated by a Squadron after they where defeated by our forces.

You see each squadron's warp cores are interconnected to a master switch on the leading vessel if the Commander see the battle will be lost they use a so called "Chaos Attack Pattern" they shut down everything even life-support to increase shields and to position them self between the enemy's ships then they detonate. Its not needed to say i was one of the few survivors from the battle of Defera Secondo over 50 Romulan ships was destroyed that day some of them filled with civilians my brother died saving my freighter and the civilians aboard.

Ground forces of the squadrons are also so deadly even defeated they carry a spacial shield bombs on there belts when a Deferi soldier is mortally wounded he activate his infernal contraption it shield an area approximately 15m around the soldier you get in but you can get out and the explosion is massive so say they adapt transphasic torpedoes from the Breen for max effect.

They have expanded to over 59 planets even the what here was space of the Romulan Star Empire. I assume when they reach the limit of those planets they may turn there attention to the Terran Empire of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance then a full scale galactic war will erupt.

Off Topic:

The Breen of my universe where enslaved and bring to the edge of destruction by the Deferi they have adapt there ships and weapons to serve the need of the Military since the Breen are highly resistant to cold and space they are primary used to mine on steroids and forsaken moons. There homewolrd was destroyed of all life when the final battle took place over it 5 squadrons self destruct the entire Breen fleet was dust for a sec the explosions tore open a hole into the atmosphere then it was a matter of time now its a barren wasteland. The Breen are a broken people now all there leaders and scientist engineers have been murdered publicly not a single menage to escape the home-planet. Few Breen have escaped enslavement and now share the fate of my own ppl refuges without a home and future.

My people never managed to make an Empire or to settle Romulus belong to the Reman traders but i will speak of it in my next report.

End Transmission. LCARS system offline

"Jolan tru, from the Mirror Universe"

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