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Since the Odyssey is supposed to be the new flagship (Ent -F), why aren't there any alternative ship parts?

I'm not expecting a complete new design but some more options for the pylons to make the nacelles facing forward (like the regent) for excample.

Since the Odyssey is supposed to be a Star Cruiser type, i think it would be appropriate to allow us to switch to the other Star Cruiser ship model set.
Of course animations like the seperation and the aquarious would be deactivated, but i think it would be a welcome alternative.

If that's too laborious, i would like to have at least access to Avenger, Vanguard, Emissary and Nomad Class pylons and nacelles for the Odyssey, please.
I understand that i would be complicated to create new sets of saucers and engineering hulls for the odyssey, but come on devs give us something.

If there where at least some good looking alternatives i would buy the Odyssey 3-Pack in an instant, but i just hate the Odyssey ship design.

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