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# 1 Pet commands
10-01-2013, 05:06 AM
It worked this way for me.
Numpad 1 - launch fighters
Numpad 2 - attack
Numpad 3 - intercept
Numpad 4 - escort
Numpad 5 - recall.

I had put the icons in one of my command trays and keybinded them to the above keys. The icon to launch the fighters is still there. The others are gone. I know, we have the new carrier interface, but I would like to use my old system. Is there a way to do this? Can I bind keys to the new carrier interface?

Just read the release note about this change and according we should be able to hotkey everything, but my icons are not in my command window (the screen were all your captain/Boff abillities are).

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