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# 1 Carrier command 2014 wishlist
01-02-2014, 05:34 AM
A truly short (and easy to implement, i.m.h.o.) whislist
  • Emergency recall: as "recall", but truly with haste. Usable once every __?__ minutes.
  • Interdiction: the pets patrol the area where the mothership is at the moment of the deploy, engaging the foes too close to the area.

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I'd like to see the dock command replaced with beam back, as a lot of fighters are either bugged and ignoring commands or are too slow, If you recall them the take ages to dock getting in the right position and this delays your moving. (it's not like they couldn't do it, they beam shuttles back all the time and in Nemesis they beamed the scorpion with Picard and Data back so they could goto warp).

Simply allowing them to be beamed back when within 5km would be a more useful idea.

I've also had instances where 3 frigates will dock but one just sits there doing nothing or and told fighters to launch, they launched and immediately docked (reported as a bug but nothing as of yet) very odd bug.

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