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10-11-2013, 06:43 PM
I'd love to see a series set during the Earth/Romulan wars...

Not necessarily a continuation of ENTERPRISE (though that would be nice), but perhaps the next generation of that era, with all the drama leading up to and including the founding of the Federation.

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10-11-2013, 06:47 PM
if me all movies would be considered soft canon maybe even ENT but then i do a new series based on the time ship relativity
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This! Their ability to outdo their own failures is quite impressive. If only this power could be harnessed for good.
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10-11-2013, 08:43 PM
This is gonna' be an extremely unpopular idea, so it's probably a good thing I'm not in charge...

That said, I'd try to find a way to bridge the audiences of the new Trek movies with lovers of classic Trek.

Basically, I'd do the opposite of what was originally done with Star Trek. Originally, we had a TV series with a young Kirk and crew that transitioned to a movie series about an older Kirk and crew.

I'd flip that.

I'd commission one more Star Trek movie with the current cast (Pine, Quinto, etc). That movie would end with a battle that causes a full-scale war with the Klingons and a very uneasy relationship with the Romulans. After the third movie was done, I'd transition that franchise to TV.

It would be a series about an older Kirk and crew, taking place several years after the Abrams movies. On the series, the war with the Klingons will have been going on for at least a decade, with no end in sight.

It'd have an entirely new cast with older actors playing Kirk and crew (veterans in the industry if I could get them).

The first episode of the series would involve the Klingons launching a full-scale assault on the Romulan homeworld. Starfleet decides to assist the Romulans and Kirk uses the crisis to regain control of the Enterprise (just like he did in TMP and WoK).

I would even have Decker be the former captain of the Enterprise who loses his command to Kirk and become Kirk's Executive Officer (with Spock being the Chief Science Officer). This would give regular conflict as Decker would be very resentful of Kirk but would still be a great First Officer. And since it's the alternate timeline, Decker could be part of the crew for a much longer time.

The series would be about the adventures of this older crew exploring the galaxy and dealing with the Klingon war in the alternate timeline. It would incorporate elements from the original movies in some episodes, but it would also have plenty of original stories.

Each season would have a season-long story arc.

Season 1 would be about Kirk dealing with commanding a new Enterprise and dealing with Decker. The story arc would be about the Federation fighting a war against the Klingons while at the same time trying to forge peace with the Romulans so they would have an ally. The Vulcans would adamantly oppose this peace, believing the Romulans could never be trusted. Ultimately, season 1 would end with the Romulans destroying Praxis and basically ending the Klingon war. The Vulcans would see this as proof that the Romulans are too brutal to be trusted.

Season 2 would basically be Wrath of Khan stretched out for a season. It would be about the development of Genesis. Khan (an older actor now) would somehow escape his cryo-freeze and would be the big villain that season. It would establish Carol and David as regulars on the series. The season climax would be a big battle with Khan, but the real twist would be that the Romulans would discover the existence of Genesis and see it as a betrayal by the Federation. They'd think it was a Federation plan to gain military superiority. Season 2 would end in a cliff-hanger with the Romulans declaring war on the Federation.

Season 3 would be about a new Romulan/Federation war, with the Klingons just trying to figure out how to survive.

And so on and so forth.

I know the alternate timeline isn't popular among many Trekkies, but I think it offers up unlimited opportunities for telling new stories and adding fun twists to the old stories.

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10-11-2013, 10:15 PM
Originally Posted by johnsteward View Post
i guess its not so much a problem of imagination, and more a problem with that being much cheaper/easier to produce
Not really, the Horta, the Salt Vampire, and the Medusan were all very well done, and not very hard to produce either, (The Horta was part of a monster from another series for example) so that's not really an excuse.

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