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# 1 Exchange UI and Search
10-01-2013, 12:58 PM
Greetings all,

Ive been around STO since the beginning, which included Alpha/Beta testing. As the time has come and gone through the years, i leave at a month to two months at a time and come back.

What i have noticed is that alot of things exist on the exchange that are hard to locate or not aware of and as a result i and iam sure others have missed out. I admit at the fault of my own, but due to the work i do, i have to stop playing at times. But, i would welcome the ability of a better search criteria as it relates to the exchange system, even if the devs provided pull-down areas as we see in the Doffs. Just an overall better experience in locating certain things that are available that dont come up in the current search abilities.

Note: Example, i came across a rare XII item dropped from the Crystal PVE event and i had never seen it before and i sold it for 2mil on the exchange.



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