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Ok, been having this issue crop up a while, and lived with it, but earlier today I had a situation where I wasn't even part of a team anymore and was still seeing other people's text on the [Team] chat... sooo...

The [Team] chat has issues with not reliably being associated with the team I am currently on (or not on)

I have a separate Team tab set up in my chat window, that I always leave set on [Team] full time.

I often have to re-type my message for it to get through, as the first time I send something with a new team, I get an error message similar to:

[12:09] [System] Cannot find channel "Teamid_Holodeck32724699".

I have to resend the message for it to broadcast.

There are times where I don't get the error message, and whatever I type to [Team], ends up appearing in chat as [Local]. When that happens, all I can do is change the chat destination from [Team] to something else, and then back again.

Please set up [Team] chat, to always check what team I'm actually active on first, before it transmits the text I just typed.

-- Smoov
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10-03-2013, 08:19 AM
I've had the bug where I continued seeing Team chat after leaving a team, but that has only happened once or twice. It's the chat window automatically defaulting back to Local after leaving a team that bothers me.

When I am using a team channel, I would rather accidentally try sending to a team channel that no longer exists than Local.
When I am using a custom channel, I want it to stay on that channel rather than switching to Local.

By having it automatically change back to Local without any user action, I am much more likely to transmit on the wrong channel, which gets very frustrating.
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10-03-2013, 09:45 AM
It should automatically select the channel for whatever team you're on. You should not have to re-select that every time.

And when you leave a team, it should default to Zone chat.

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10-03-2013, 09:51 AM
Originally Posted by dabelgrave View Post
I've had the bug where I continued seeing Team chat after leaving a team, but that has only happened once or twice.
Yeah I've had that happen about 5 times or so this year.
Seams to happen when leaving the team is part of leaving the map.
For example 2 players team up and join an STF, after changing map we are all in the 1 map based team.
After the everyone has left the map I can continue to listen to those 2 players, even though I'm not on their team anymore, though I can't actually respond to them.
Luckily nobody ever said anything bad about me behind my back when it happened.
I'm also pretty sure it doesn't always happen.

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10-03-2013, 04:57 PM
I'm just seeing it so frequently because lately I've been playing capture and hold, over and over and over again night after night.

I rarely used team chat before doing so, but it happens pretty regularly for me.

-- Smoov

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