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hello team

I am writing this because I can't stand this and in the end i will be forced to uninstall the game if nothing is done to improve the low details performance couse right now sto is optimized for high resolution and that makes the game unplayable for us with slower machines for the record i will point you one thing i took me 3 HOURS to complete a single ground mission cause it was laging 0fps every 2 mins played for 5 min's the mission is cutting the card space is ok it's not perfect as the object count is not doing anything

i can generate tons of bug reports about the graphics but ... the way i work with bug reports is not the way of Cryptic

here is my dxdiag any help improving the game performance will be nice

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10-24-2013, 04:43 PM
The video card specs in your DX diag are not even close to the requirements for the game.

This is the benchmark for your video card.

This is the minimum video card:

The laptop you are using is just too old it has to be at least 6 years old. Sorry man.

I have a dell XPS m1710 that I spent $2000 when it was brand new, Played WoW just fine, but can barely play this game. That's just how it is with 6 year old hardware. Luckily my primary rig runs a 560Ti so I play on that at max settings.
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let me see
Originally Posted by phantomeight View Post
The video card specs in your DX diag are not even close to the requirements for the game.
i will let you finish but.. but that's the best fail off all times

Star Trek Online system requirements are as follows:

OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 Ghz or AMD Athlon X2 3800+
Memory: 1GB RAM
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 7950 / ATI Radeon X1800 / Intel HD Graphics
Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Soundcard
DirectX: Version 9.0c or Higher
HDD: 8GB Free Disk Space
Network: Internet Broadband Connection Required
Disc: 6X DVD-ROM

My laptop

OS: Windows 7 (32-bit)
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 TK55 1.8Ghz Actually working frequency of 2.2Ghz (2.4Ghz with overclock )(equivalent of Athlon X2 4450e )
Video: ATI Mobile Radeon HD2400 with 500MB dedicated memory
Sound: DirectX 11 Compatible Soundcard
DirectX: v.11

so you are wrong or thats what the bench marks say'd

i play Crysis 2 on medium with this pc and get 35fps but im an hardware freak and i tend to hack my pc's
ad it its not about the years but about you the dell that you mention is a trash when you want a gaming laptop you get Amd when you want a work laptop you get intel/nvidia and just one thing i play WoW on my Netbook Msi Wind U90 and i even go to 25man raides with it and its just a single core Atom N270 at 1.8Ghz...
plus laptops up from 1200$ are just waste of money cuz they dont give you any more performance...

My goal is to make sto game that everyone can play

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