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12-18-2013, 06:08 AM
Originally Posted by futurepastnow View Post
At a minimum, I'd like to see a setting for the creator of a private queue to disable the "Need" option for their match.

Don't other MMOs bind an item to you if you need on it? That would solve any loot problem.
If you disable the greed button, then you have the exact same function as if you disabled the "need" button. Whats the difference?

The problem with the need/greed/pass system is that people take the words literally. If you "need" something because you believe you can use it effectively for whatever reason, then so can everyone else on the team for whatever reason. Hence, the "need" button is a complete wash. This is not an MMO where only certain classes can use melee weapons or wear chainmail or whatever.
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12-18-2013, 02:24 PM
Agreed with consolidating Need and Greed into one button. When players rationalize "Need" into I "need" more energy credits for stuff I want, you basically have everyone sans those that don't know how other people behave always pushing need.
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12-19-2013, 04:14 PM
if the item is bind on equip then just make it auto roll for everyone... they can donate it or vendor it or sell via auction if they dont want to use. If the item has zero ec value and is bind on acquire... then make it so you have options to need/greed/pass. I try to look at the item in general and decide if I really need it even in pugs... but most folks just hit need on everything... I guess technically I need it too since I am not at my EC Cap.
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12-19-2013, 11:36 PM
The one improvement I think they could make is to have an optional setting for automatically needing/greeding/passing on loot. I'd just set mine to always pass and never have the UI element show up, because 99% of that stuff is vendor trash that I don't need filling my inventory (I'll take freebies like batteries, sure, but the rest of it is junk).

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