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# 1 Epsilon Force, Now Recruiting!
10-04-2013, 09:31 PM
Epsilon Force

"A stranger is a friend that you just haven't met yet" - Captain Kathryn Janeway

Epsilon Force is a small fleet looking for active members! Originally a Star Trek RPG Simming Fleet, Epsilon Force has created a Star Trek Online branch and is looking for new players to join of any rank and any experience! The fleet currently has a tier 1 Starbase and is working towards the Embassy and Dilithium Mine.

We are a friendly fleet who just want more members to play with. We don't have many rules, the only rules are that you help with the Fleet projects and to have fun! If you want a hand with a mission or just want to have fun then join up and get in contact with our members and staff!

If you're interested then send a message to @willvoy74 in the game for more information or to be added to the roster, or PM me here on the STO forums.

Also, if you want to join one of our more traditional RPG writing Simulations, check out the Epsilon Force website.

So join our Star Trek Online fleet for fun, action, adventure and to have a good time. After all this is a game for us all to enjoy and we are here to make it better. See you in game!

Fleet Executive Officer
Epsilon Force

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