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I realise starting a feedback thread with an argument "it's not star trek enough" isn't much when it comes to an MMO game, but quite frankly that's the best I've got.

Current Sector Space music is basically a Star Trek intro followed by strong bass drums and some dark and quite frankly depressing ambient. "It's not Star Trek enough" and it doesn't reflect the idea of exploration and space traveling in my opinion. Here are some samples to which I'm refering to:

It's not like changing the audio would require creating new music. Last year some new music was introduced to the game and quite frankly I think it's great and would be a better pick for a sector space background music, as it has this "Generations" vibe to it and is overall more upbeat. Like this one for example - http://youtu.be/W8U0lp3wDBs

Other than that, I'll just say that the current audio is simply depressing. I remember my first experience with STO during the beta, when I first left the Earth Space Dock and went to sector space - Star Trek intro started playing, which felt really great, and then... DUN... DUN... DUNDUNDUN... DUN... ... ... DUN DUN... http://youtu.be/FGT1-nf1n3I
And suddenly the magic was gone...

If anything, I wonder if anyone else shares my opinion. Overall, I enjoy STO music, even the ambient and drums, but in some cases I just think it's badly implemented, even too random at times.
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01-22-2014, 05:49 PM
Boy is this a late response. Actually I've spent about the past hour trying to find that exact sector space music, because while some may prefer more "Trek-y" type music, I actually love the sector space music, particularly the 1st score. How much? I have a stereo in my room set up with 4-way surround sound--I fall asleep to that music; it boosts my productivity while doing tiresome paperwork astronomically (catch the bad pun?). Thank you for posting this as I wasted about a half hour trying to figure out how to download a magnet torrent link that had all of the game's audio in mp3 format. This way I was able to just use one of my 2 favorite youtube-to-audio websites to get a loopable copy of the sound. But some real Trek music would actually be appreciated in EVERY other region of the game. Cryptic and CBS need to stop butting heads and pussyfooting around and just improve the game by adding more canon material and allowing "fan-fic" material to be added, such as my favorite Romulan ship of all time, the Kerchan class--Romulan Republic flagship Kerchan class forever.

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