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So, it has been pointed out that part of the reason we don't get a new ship very often is that it costs money to design it. To that end, how about helping out the devs a tad by gathering our suggestions, ideas, and desires for the next C-Store ship here. This should help Cryptic release a ship we actually want, and therefore let them earn both our respect and a profit at the same time.

For this thread, please only submit suggestions for the ships' designs, features, etc. Try to make this reasonable, of course, rather than suggesting an "I win" setup... we don't want our ship designs in a lock box, after all, we want something we can buy on the KDF side of the C-Store

[EDIT] For those of you not interested in doing the design suggestions, please feel free to place a vote for which of the suggestions you like, and why. If you see a design you are opposed to... don't vote for it. Let's keep this a positive feedback resource for possible KDF Fleetyard assets.

So, post your own design statistics below. If you want to submit individual C-Store ships, T5 and Fleet versions, 3-Packs, or even Small Craft I welcome all ideas. To get the ball rolling, here's my Request for a Bird of Prey 3-Pack, reposted from it's original thread (and modified according to some of the feedback I got on its setup):

Originally Posted by breadandcircuses View Post
Basic Stats
Hull: 27500
Shield Modifier: .88
Fore Weapons: 5*
Aft Weapons: 2
Crew: 65
Device Slots: 2
Base Turn: 19
Impulse Modifier: .2
Universal Bridge Officer Seating: 2 Lt Commander, Lieutenant
Battle Cloak
+15 Weapons Power
*The fifth fore weapon slot may only be filled with a Burst Disruptor Dual Beam Bank, though the other fore weapon slots may accommodate additional Burst Disruptor Dual Beam Banks.
Burst Disruptor Dual Beam Bank [Acc] [CrtH]x2:
Combining several experimental technologies, these weapons are unique to this ship and are only compatible with its systems. They discharge a volley of five pulses in approximately half the time it takes to discharge a standard dual beam bank. The strobe effect that results from this not only offers a unique visual display, but also provides improved accuracy. This comes at the cost of higher drain on the ships systems when firing, however, and increases the time between volleys. In game terms, these fire 5 pulses for approximately 80% damage per pulse of a standard dual beam bank, in half the discharge time and an increased cycling time, resulting in identical base DPS. They receive an innate Accuracy bonus of +2.5% and Critical Hit Chance bonus of 1%, in addition to other modifiers, and drain -12 Weapon Power when firing other weapons. They fire from the wingtip cannons, which pivot to match the direction of fire.

Consoles: 2 Engineering, 3 Science, 5 Tactical
Assigned Bridge Officer Seating: Commander Tactical
Universal Console - Enhanced Fire Control System:
Passive. This console alters the behavior of Fire at Will when used with the Burst Disruptor Dual Beam Bank. First, the system automatically designates your currently locked target as the priority target; put another way, you will always fire at your locked target even when Fire at Will is active, assuming that target is withing the firing arc, with additional attacks being determined randomly and without an increase in the maximum number of targets for Fire at Will. This does not affect weapons other than the Dual Disruptor Burst Bank. Second, this console will also reduce the global and duplicate ability cooldown of Fire at Will to 15 seconds, bringing its cooldown in line with other weapon special attacks. This portion applies to Fire at Will itself, therefore could potentially affect other weapons, allowing Fire at Will to be cycled as often as Cannon: Scatter Volley, etc. May only be used on these ships.

Consoles: 4 Engineering, 2 Science, 4 Tactical
Assigned Bridge Officer Seating: Commander Engineering
Universal Console - Cloaking Distribution Module:
Passive. This console alters the standard cloaking behavior by redistributing Shield power to Auxiliary, rather than actually disabling shields. This will allow the ship to retain shield power during the initial stages of cloaking, and increase stealth when fully cloaked. Any Shield power level increases applied after cloaking will be redistributed as well, allowing the potential for shields to "flicker" back up until that power is distributed away from shields. Power returns back to its normal settings at the usual power distribution rate upon leaving cloak, rather than "snapping" back up; this leaves the ship more vulnerable than under normal circumstances for a few seconds after dropping out of cloak. May only be used on these ships.

Consoles: 2 Engineering, 4 Science, 4 Tactical
Assigned Bridge Officer Seating: Commander Science
Universal Console - Emergency Holographic Recovery Teams:
Active. Self. A multiple redundant system of holo-emitters dispersed throughout the ship allow for a large number of holographic crew to be deployed temporarily. These holographic teams immediately set to work responding to emergency conditions present, clearing Engineering and Science debuffs and status effects over a period of 20 seconds. During this same period, Crew is automatically recovered at an accelerated rate, crew injury and death is prevented, and minor shield and hull heal-over-time effects are applied. This can be used while cloaked, but this also prevents any shield recovery. Modified by Starship Hull Repair (hull HoT) and Starship Shield Emitters (shield HoT). In game terms, this applies the effects of fully trained Engineering Team I and Science Team I, with the heals spread into 20 sec heals-over-time and an additional Crew Recovery effect. May only be used on this ship.

Console Set Bonuses
2-Piece Set Bonus: Isometric Pulse Warhead:
Active. Attack Modifier. This modifies the next torpedo fired to detonate in a 5km burst, applying an Electrical damage over time effect with a large penalty to Perception and Accuracy over a base duration of 10 seconds. Modified by Starship Weapons Training, Starship Projectile Weapons, Starship Particle Generators, and Starship Projectile Weapons Specialization (damage); and Starship Countermeasure Systems (duration). It is resisted by Electrical Damage Resistance % (damage) and Starship Sensors (duration).

3-Piece Set Bonus: Combat Auxiliary Systems:
Passive. All energy weapons now use Auxiliary Subsystem Power to determine damage output, and drain Auxiliary Subsystem Power when firing with other weapons. In addition, Beam Overload divides its power drain between Weapons and Auxiliary Subsystem Power; this reduces the immediate impact on damage output, but potentially affects the [Amp] effect from the ship's Warp Core. The benefits to Beam Overload only apply if used with the Burst Disruptor Dual Beam Bank. This does NOT reallocate the ship's innate +15 Weapons Power or the Weapons Subsystem Energy Drain resistance bonuses from sources such as the Systems Engineer duty officer Marion Frances Dulmar.

This 3-Pack is meant to serve as a KDF equivalent of the Andorian Escort 3-pack, or the MMSV 3-pack via the full 3-piece set bonus. They do have strengths and limitations compared to each, especially in terms of durability, balanced by flexibility and the battle cloak. Each of the console abilities is modified from an existing one on another ship, except for the Tactical console that basically just fills the role of your captain's disruptor pistol (I told you to shoot that one, petaQ!). By filling two roles, it brings us into closer balance with less development time on the devs' end (at least that's the idea), and hopefully gives them a set that would sell to folks that enjoy either Federation equivalent.

Originally Posted by meimeitoo View Post
I do not like Geko ether.
Originally Posted by gavinruneblade View Post
So I know exactly why we're not being asked to pay to hear the voices.

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10-07-2013, 05:38 PM
I'd propose a new battlecruiser similar to the Avenger-class battleship or Scimitar-class dreadnought, but similar to the Fleet Vor'Cha or Kamarag, but slightly less beefier than the Negh'Var.

Prototype Klingon Battlecruiser

Base Hull: 40,000

Fore Weapons: 5

Aft Weapons: 3

Base Turn: 10

+10 power to Weapons and Engines

Shield Modifier 1.1

Console Slots: 5 Tactical, 2 science, 3 engineering

Cloaking Device

Base Crew: 2,000

Device Slots: 4

Boff Layout: Lt. Cmdr. Tactical, Commander Engineer, Ensign Science, 2 Lt. Universal

Special Console - Enhanced Tactical Alert

The prototype klingon battlecruiser in question has been designed to accomodate the most experienced and skilled crew the Empire has to offer. While this console is equipped, all boarding party debuffs (like Assimilate Ship and Boarding Party) are removed after 1 second. Taking advantage of the transporter signature of the failed boarders, you launch a counter-offensive on the enemy ship. This functions similar to Boarding Party, but does not launch any shuttles of your own, works faster, but can still be cleansed by effects like Tactical Team. The attackers further sabotage the ship's superstructure which results in a small hull DoT effect.

EDIT: If the console isn't competitive enough, you could add in that it buffs all your boarding party shuttles by giving them enhanced speed and defense.
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10-07-2013, 07:29 PM
KDF Flight Deck battle cruiser.

5/3, 5 tac consoles.
1 Hangar Bay
Variant 1 has a special Weapon that's a Heavy Disruptor Repeater Cannon- Fires a set amount of shots at the rate of CRF3 or a point defense console, uses plasma repeater weapon ammo mechanic. Once out of ammo, goes onto CD with length based on your subsystem repair skill. Give it a nice hull damage bonus.

Second higher tier variant has some sort of special scaling weapons bonus warp core, obviously with KDF core icon. 5% all power levels > Weapons, +SIF or something, built in transwarp destinations to all PvP areas like Ker'rat.

Both are part of some set called "Might of the empire." take whatever bonuses you don't use from the warp core and put them there, or something along similar lines.

Stick whatever cloak, boffs, and consoles on it you want.
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# 4
10-08-2013, 12:02 AM
I found a couple interesting ideas in the RIP A-10. Homage Raptor "War Targ" plz thread...

Originally Posted by baudl View Post
i'd like to take the idea of a "gatling cannon" a little further...

imagine a 3 set K'vort (5 forward weapon each, and 1 tac version with 5 tac consoles) pack, with 3 piece console set and a "RApid launching photon torpedo tube" (which is inside the middle of the deflector dish in the head part of the ship)

now this torp launcher i imagine similar to the omega torp launcher, fireing a projectile each second with a dps value above 1500, or even more.

the consoles would interact with this launcher similar as the andorian escort.

that would be my, "wartarg"

the 3 ships would come with a battlecloak and one of the consoles would be a spread mode, where each second 3 torpedos are launched at 3 sepeerate targets...2 minute cooldown
Originally Posted by killdozer9211 View Post
Just imagine a Raptor with War Targ inspired nose art, tusks and teeth and stuff, and a big twin-mission pod mounted towards the rear setup, kind of evoking the A-10's twin engine nacelle layout.

5 forward weapons, at least one variant with 5 tac slots. A high hull modifier or a damage immunity for a few seconds set bonus, low speed to emulate the A-10's purposely designed high loiter time.

The special weapon should be like the omega plasma torpedo, but a cannon.

Think like the plasma repeater weapons and their ammo mechanic. It's a big cannon with a 45 degree arc that fires at the speed of say CRF3 or a point defense cannon and has a massive hull bonus, but doesn't draw on weapons power until it's fired all its allotted shots, at which point it enters, say, a minute or two cooldown+massive weapon power drain to reload. It can be exclusive to the war targ like the kumari's wing cannons, and only available in disruptor flavor of course.

Cmdr Tac, Ltcmdr Tac, x2 Lt eng, ensign universal.

That's a war targ to me.
...that I wanted to include here as well. Each looks like an interesting take on the theme of that tread. If you want to toss a vote at either of those ideas, post 4a and 4b respectively seems a good way of doing so.

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I do not like Geko ether.
Originally Posted by gavinruneblade View Post
So I know exactly why we're not being asked to pay to hear the voices.

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10-08-2013, 01:44 AM
Mines really simple. We have 2 viable completely unused Raptor designs. Fleet versions of these seem fair since their is a Fleet version of every Fed Escort except the NX.

Fleet Qorgh Raptor, (5 Tac Console escort)

All stats are the same as the Fleet Qin except.

T2 Starbase

16 turn
125 crew
Universal Ensign.
35,000 Hull
3/2/5 Console layout.

Fleet Pach Raptor (Battle Cloaking Escort)

All stats are the same as the Fleet Qin except.

T3 Starbase

150 crew
Universal Ensign.
Battle Cloak.
33,000 Hull
3/3/4 Console layout.

This is unrelated to ship design, but I'm going to throw this one out there. KDF Fleet ships that have no discount ship, so everything except the B'Rel Retrofit and the Gorn Varanus should be reduced to down to 3 FSM to buy.

I can pay for a C-Store ship and get a skin, a console and a FSM discount fed side. Where's our C-Store Escort that gives a FSM discount? Where's our C-Store Battlecruiser that gives a FSM Discount?

Oh and if a C-Store version comes out than I don't care if they jack up the price to normal.
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10-08-2013, 01:55 AM
I'd take something semi-science ship like, but with a more Klingon feel.

Imperial Survey Ship:

Base Hull: 32000

Weapon slots: 4 fore, 3 aft

Base Turn: 12

1.2 Shield mod

3 Device slots

+10 power to Weapons and Auxiliary

Cloaking Device, can mount dual/heavy cannons

Bridge Officers:

LT Eng
LT Eng

Console Layout:

3 Eng
4 Sci
3 Tac

Console: Universal: Long Range Sensor Calibrator (more or less similar to the Nebula's console, seeing as there are now cloaked ships on both sides in PvP).

Basically a well rounded ship with that nice CMDR Science slot, but that Klingon firepower and maneuverability we all love.
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# 7
10-08-2013, 05:59 AM
Awwww......OP, your title is misleading. I thought I'd come in and see some amazing concept art.

Anyway, here's my suggestion for a K'Vort that I made here some time ago. It was before LoR, so you can still see her proposed stats being normal and not all over the place.

Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
So, this is just an idea and a rough outline that I've come up, for a more powerfull and nimble K'vort battlecruiser. Here it goes:

Hull: 37.000
Shield Mod.: 1.0
Turn rate: 12
Weapons layout: 5/3
Consoles: 5 Tac 2 Eng 3 Sci
Comm. Tac.
Lt. Tac.
Lt. Eng
Ens. Sci
Lt.Comm. Uni

+10 Weapons Power
+5 Shield Power

She would use the wing cannons as you suggested for the Gowron Negh'var, given how disruptor wing cannons would look very appropriate on the wingy B'rel design of the K'vort.

And then maybe Gowron's Negh'var could get another special ability/weapon or possibly a hangar. I always tended to see that Negh'var as a very powerfull and sturdy alternative for the Bortasqu', which can move better and would fullfil the demands of the KDF players that hate the Bortasqu' for it's turn rate. And save the (possible?) 5/3 layout for something that can fly a bit better. Just a thought.
Now I know that I called it a battlecruiser and yet I didn't give her a Comm.Engineer Boff slot. That's because it's been called a battlecruiser on screen, but I see it more as a fusion of battlecruiser/destoryer (something in STO terms akin to the Chel Grett possibly).
I also prefer this cause the KDF battlecruiser market is somewhat saturated and I'm also considering the so many times mentioned "new Negh'var", so with it comming (hopefully) the KDF will have more than enough variations of ships with Comm. Engineering Boff slots.

I didn't go into detail of the cloak, because people say it should have a battlecloak being the larger sister of the B'rel and we know that KDF ships other than BoPs have regular innate cloaks. So I'm leaving this one to Cryptic, or someone much more knowledgable in game mechanics.
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10-08-2013, 01:37 PM
Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Awwww......OP, your title is misleading. I thought I'd come in and see some amazing concept art.
Hehe, if anyone has any concept art to submit I welcome it! This thread is intended as a way for us to help the devs give us something we want when they give us our next ship. Mostly, I'm just trying to help the devs get something done for us instead of complaining that they haven't... it seems more productive. So, any positive feedback and suggestions, from specs to art, are absolutely welcome here

Originally Posted by meimeitoo View Post
I do not like Geko ether.
Originally Posted by gavinruneblade View Post
So I know exactly why we're not being asked to pay to hear the voices.
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10-08-2013, 01:48 PM
Ferasan Escort Carrier

32,000 hull

.9 shield mod

15 turn

One hangar. Comes with Ferasan Predator Fighters.

5/2 weapons

Battle Cloak

Commander Tactical, Lieutenant Commander Tactical, Lieutenant Engineer, Lieutenant Universal, Ensign Universal
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# 10
10-09-2013, 05:55 PM
Just for fun:

Bortas: Honour Tank

Base Hull: 105000

Weapon slots: 6 fore, 2 aft

Base Turn: 8

0.6 Shield mod

4 Device slots

+10 power to Weapons and Engines

Cloaking Device, can mount dual/heavy cannons

Bridge Officers:

LT Eng
LT Uni

Console Layout:

4 Eng
2 Sci
4 Tac


Nanotrit Armour - Passive
This newly developed armour is currently being tested on the Bortas. It is capable of effectively reducing incoming damage to the hull and increases damage resistance across the board. Furthermore the integrated intelligent nanoswarms help with the repairs to the hull keeping it in pristine condition even in the thickest of combat.
Though all of these capabilities are power intensive and come at a strong cost to the shields.

The basic idea is to create a hull tanker instead of going for the shield craze.

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