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Hi, my fleet currently is a little MIA. Alot of us have been waylaid by real life issues.

So, I've been running my own Teamspeak server for some time, and since our fleet has dwindled to a tiny amount, and my Teamspeak server license is for 512 slots, on up to 10 servers, I've decided to open up my server slots free to either the first few fleets who need one till I hit my limit, or my fleet has woken back up.

I have the non profit license, so I might as well use it! Anyone interested please Message me on the forums.

I am also offering one free server up to 100 slots for Anyone to use again free of charge.

I just kinda wanna help out the community, and this seems to work out perfectly fine for me. I got the non profit license thinking I'd put it to good use. I can't think of a better way to help out fellow STO players.

For more, pm me on the forums. First come first served! The free for all server will always be open, and has 100 slots. To use it connect to stots.no-ip.org:9989

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