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Team Courageous is a group of Fleets/Super Groups/Guilds on Star Trek Online, Champions Online, and Neverwinter specifically created as family groups but, thanks to an idea by my son, are open to all who are seeking family friendly environments, positive motivation, and inspiration.

Our goal: To bring family fun night back to the family. It use to be family fun night in most homes was about a movie or a board game. Now days families tend to get too "busy" with their own individual things. We want to encourage families to make the Cryptic/Perfect World family of games a good place to start for building courageous families through family game night once more.

Our general principle: Share and share alike. While we won't let a new recruit just come in and take all he or she wants, we will help new people get what they need and get done with what they need to get done. Games should be about fun, not greed. We've even been known to help other groups and individuals not associated with Team Courageous. Admittedly, one family can be spread pretty thin across three different games, so scheduling is a definite must if you want our attention outside of the team.

Our faith: We are a Christian-based bunch, and so will have optional Bible studies on subjects like building a courageous family and fireproofing marriage. This is not a requirement, only an option.

For more information, see the website. To apply, start with the application on the website and we'll be in touch with you in game; please make SURE you leave us information on how to contact you in game. Or you can mail me directly in game.

God bless, and see you in game.

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