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1. The optional full name did not carry over into the actual game. After giving my Romulan first, middle, and last names, I discovered that I had to go into his record in game and re-enter them.

2. The lighting for the Romulan character creator is VERY different from in game - it's much darker. What I thought looked good actually looked kind of terrible, especially with the huge difference between the dark creator and the very well lit Virinat. The tailor in the Flotilla appears to be fine (even if it is a Federation-style holodeck).

3. Maybe I missed it, but there did not appear to be a place to report bugs in the creator, like there used to be.

4. The undo button seems to be missing.

5. The place to find the stance & height was extremely non-obvious. It should be put back in the advanced body options.
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05-27-2013, 02:16 PM
I noticed that my full name was deleted when I created my Romulan as well, which I find to be annoying, since now I have to gather credits just to change my name again.

Do you know if that actually helps? This is the only thing in the forums that mentions it. I tried to make a ticket in game as well, but I keep getting errors that tickets are not available.
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10-23-2013, 01:47 AM
When I made my new Romulan character, the costume and hair choices (and probably other ones too) did not appear in my character when I started to play the game.

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