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Great finally something fresh and new I was worried it would be another boring grind but you've proven that....oh wait never mind.
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Originally Posted by killdozer9211 View Post
Please please please give us a costume unlock for it, and make it applicable to our boffs, not just the character, and give us the option to toggle the helmet. Please. Rep's been around for years now and the fact that this basic video game concept is completely forgotten by the Omega and MACO armor is just unforgivable. Don't continue that.
I have to agree here with the Omega and MACO costumes for boffs. This would be highly sought after, even if its in a separate reputation project to unlock for your boffs. Applying Omega and MACO costumes on boffs used to work with a "cheat" command but sadly it was disabled

Ohh and I hope those are the looks on new ground armor set in the tweet picture. They look awesome. But sadly the Romulans/Remans got left out without a ground set. There was allready a weapon model in Nemesis, and as for the armor visual coulds just used some reman costume with green hexagons like the ones on the reman space shield, in a similar fashion MACO/Adampted MACO has that distingueshed transparet texture both on space and ground sets.

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