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c. 50,000 years ago

The First Federation was the first recorded democratically governed alliance between multiple star systems. It was founded and maintained by the Watchman (sometimes recognized as the Fesari) hailing from the Fesarius system. Though short in stature and extremely long lived, they were among the elder races of the galaxy. Bounding through space in there spherical, immensely powerful starships with a crew of only one these patrols worked as forward observers to the activities of the known galaxy in that time. Their only companion, the green-skinned holographic representation of the ships main computer who worked as mediator when encountering new intelligences. Occasionally the ships were outfitted with several squads of Ruk androids who served as enforcers but were rarely needed.
The Federation flourished for millennia however during the events of the Go Lin Cataclysm in 3600 BCE much of Watchmen's fleet was destroyed. Without the protection of the fleet many worlds withdrew their membership and the influence of the Federation all but vanished.

Balok, one of the last Watchmen.


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