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Official Federation Tutorial Feedback Thread

Please leave any feedback, bugs, comments or concerns you have on the ground and space tutorial here!
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# 2
10-11-2013, 04:55 PM
Hey everyone,

The new Federation starting experience is my baby; if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them.

Remember, this experience is tailored for players FIRST coming into the game, not die-hard veterans like yourself. Some things may seem "obvious" to you, or slower paced than you are used to. That's all by design.

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# 3
10-11-2013, 05:58 PM
I tried it out.....

first, that bridge... we're getting it right? cuz its a sexy bridge.

secondly I enjoyed the build up for it, far more dramatic then the USS khitomer.

I did run into a bug, after destroying the 3 comm stations I couldn't proceed further, which made me sad face, I really wanted to tear apart that villain.
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# 4
10-11-2013, 05:59 PM

not sure if this is a bug or not, but those consoles are HUGE in engineering during the tutorial.
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# 5
10-11-2013, 06:08 PM
Ran into a bug during my attempt.

Career: Science Officer.

After completing the reroute sheilds, then taking the turbolift to the bridge, nothing happened, there was no objective update on the bridge, it was just empty and unable to progress the mission any further.
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# 6
10-11-2013, 06:14 PM
"Assimilation of the Innocent"

Completed the mission, and told to beam back to ship... yet there's no way to beam back to the ship from the ground map.
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# 7
10-11-2013, 06:23 PM
jorumgandr: That bridge will be available "eventually", and yes, it's smexy. I'm not sure why the mission bugged out on you at that point. The Klingon is supposed to "fly by" and take two shots at you. Will look into why this didn't happen to you.

jaguarman1234: I noticed this too just a few minutes ago, will be fixing it.

asdfjkadfjkasf: Hmmm, I will have to look into why that step didn't complete for you. I've played through with science officers before, and didn't have an issue. Will investigate.

malcaine2: Did you claim any C-Store boffs? You need to be given a Boff before you can leave the map, if you already have a full roster, you can't get them and you can't leave. (Or it might be something else, will investigate).
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# 8
10-11-2013, 06:26 PM

Initial first impression really good however I have a few critisisms so far
- Let us explore the shuttlebay more!
- The bridge officers on the sides are very dark; more lighting needed
- Captain taggart the cutscene of the distress call does far to much facepalms in my opinion
- Initial cutscene from the turbolift between you and the transporter operator initially you are very dark and could really see you as the character and the bit just before you exit the turbolift cut scene your character dissapears
- The klingon cutscene of them getting sucked into space was a bitt odd, needs smoothing as they were flipping between decompression and standing animations
- Where did the last klingon go in that animation cutscene as I didn't see him get sucked into space but hese not there anymore
- Was unable to destroy eps conduit normally had to go into shooter mode (used sniper rifle to shoot at normally, shot fired, no damage, unable to shoot with sniper rifle or phaser pistol)
- EPS conduit arrow doesn't dissapear when its been destroyed although it registered as being destroying in mission tracjker
-Section after bridge that was very reminicent of the nemisis scene isn't at Red alert - it should be at red alert due to combat and boarding...
- No interact animations played when boosting shields
- Not all LCARS panles should show red alert just also show normal LCARS stuff just with a red is the bridge supposed to function without any way to input commands on consoles!
- The Negvar should declock after the torpedo hit not before
- The cutscene in the Klingon ship during the explosions...I only ever saw the klingon at I think the weapons console and no one else
- I thought liter was spelled litre? (Plasma injectors bit)
-"Nice shot 2 jamming satelites left" poped up too late


Things I really loved:
- Loving the new interior but still not a fan of the large head room clearance
- JJ style view-screen? Not really sure what to make about that
- Loving the new thing of actually putting objects outside of windows and holes into space
- Love the new story flow
- Love all the new / updated maps


Will update when I can actually finish the tutorial. Apologies for spelling its like 1:30AM right now....
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10-11-2013, 06:29 PM
-On a Tac, unable to bypass mission after disabling the transporter inhibitor on vega colony
-clipping on bridge doors
-clipping on new Accamedy doors

will edit if i find more problems
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# 10
10-11-2013, 06:34 PM
Originally Posted by asdfjkadfjkasf View Post
Ran into a bug during my attempt.

Career: Science Officer.

After completing the reroute sheilds, then taking the turbolift to the bridge, nothing happened, there was no objective update on the bridge, it was just empty and unable to progress the mission any further.
Seem to have run into this as well, but on a Tactical Officer.

at first I got stuck after blowing up the EPS Conduit and rerouting the plasma flow (farktoid was on hand for that one, mentioned he had run into it as well).

Somehow that one ended up starting up again and I could continue up to getting back to the bridge. Noticed two people (one looked like it might have been Taggert) beam out, but as I got onto the bridge, Nothing happened and I couldn't continue.

Also, I noticed some of the "Doors" aren't really rendering well. Not sure if that is the "test" aspect or not. but I had one area where I was suppose to breach the door, and if I didn't pay close attention, I would have walked right through the door I was suppose to "breach"

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