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New doff powers tend to be designed to increase the viability of currently undesirable or under performing boff abilities or to increase the variety of build options with various ships. Unfortunately they also tend to miss their mark because of how they work. Take the infamous Marion for example, it was created to help out beam boats and to increase the desirability of DEM. It was immediately used by escorts to make their beam overload burst that much more deadly because you get just as much of a boost from it with DEM 1 as you would DEM 3. Same thing occurred with the scramble sensors doff for the exact same reason.

Additionally right now cruisers and science vessels lack in the sheer number of options with their builds that escorts currently enjoy. Having a Lt. Cmdr Sci/Eng boff seat on an escort presents you with tons of options while the others are much more limited from their secondary focuses.

Keep in mind these abilities are not designed to strait up increase the power of cruisers/science vessels they are to expand the number of viable options available to them especially the ones that lack the Avenger/Regeant or Vesta boff layout.

Maintenance Engineer: Engineering Team also distributes shield strength for 2/4/6/8 seconds. Does not stack with itself.

Development Lab: Science Team also distributes shield strength for 2/4/6/8 seconds. Does not stack with itself.

These two doffs would make it much easier to ignore tactical team in the higher damage PvE content but at a cost and for not quite as long. This would greatly expand build options for cruisers and science vessels that are light on tactical.

Projectile Weapon Officer: Torpedo Spread and High Yield apply a -10/-15/-20/-25 reduction to target's Kinetic Resistance.

This would synergize extremely well with science boff ability damage as it is primarily the Kinetic variety without boosting escort burst because the torpedo special attack would not benefit from the reduced resistance on the target but the gravity well following it would.

Technician: Eject Warp Plasma and Aceton Beam gains a .02/.04/.06/.08 damage boost based on AUX power.

Minor boost for non Aux2Batt engineer heavy cruisers and science vessels with a Lt Cmdr Engineer boff slot.

Sensor's Officer: Sensor Analysis always remains when in red alert even when switching targets. Maximum stacks decreased to 4/5/6/7

Good boost for science vessels that are switching targets often but remaining inside combat.
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why would I use DEM with beams when I can equip DHC's on escorts and get more damage out of DEM per pulse?

I have a feeling marion will become much cheaper soon once the cruiser abilities roll out in full with the energy use reduction command.

AT some point, I'd honestly like to see 3 main subsets of each doff, focusing on tactical, engineer, and science focuses of each position.

a Conn officer for tac reduces TT recharge as well as boosts attack pattern effectiveness by 10%. a sci conn officer could reduce cooldown on ST recharge as well as boost base effectiveness of sensor analysis. a eng conn officer could reduce cooldown of ET as well as boost engine power by x% for 15 seconds.

a tac projectile doff could reduce reload times, like current. a sci proj doff could enhance torps with photonic shockwave(nadeon detonator). a eng doff could add a damage resist debuff to all torps.

just examples

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