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10-14-2013, 11:09 AM
I understand that many Cardassian fans have already joined fleets; However my intent here is to NOT be a fleet as much as a location for Cardassians regardless of faction to gather in one place.

As a Cardassian society is not very developed (Either by ST episodes, books, etc.); There isn't much on subservient races within the Union and the ST episodes only showed the major species (Cardassians).

If you are an Alien (generic) which wants to base your story on membership within the Cardassian Union you are also welcomed within the group. There is no need to leave your fleet because this is not a fleet.

I've named it the Jevonite Order as Jevonite is a rare and special gem (like Cardassians); The Order is just a social interaction group allowing one community to stand united.

You do NOT have to join; If you are willing to perform administrative duties (like pretty up the web page) the membership would be required just for that purpose.

The basic forums are open to the public. There are also forum Embassies for the three factions which would require membership, but no responsibilities are expected. As we do not have a faction yet, we will not have a starbase in game.

Just a friendly invite to unite our peoples again.
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# 2
10-14-2013, 02:08 PM
With such a small population which actually appreciates the unique and undervalued world of Cardassians, it is important to build connections within the culture.

Although we aren't the most advanced, we were able to stand against the Imperialistic expansion of the Federation and the unwarranted invasion of the Klingon Empires. Once again Cardassians seek the aid of it's experienced military officers.

Not in fighting wars, but engineers rebuilding cities; Scientists providing medical, agricultural, and industrial support. With the Alpha Jem Hadar holding one of our planets hostage (Orias system) in the middle of Cardassian space, the Breen at our borders, and the constant struggle to move ahead Tactical officers are needed for our security.

Sounds like a fleet? No, because we will not take you away from where you want to be. We also don't require membership. All you need to be is Cardassian or Alien (generic) from within the Cardassian Union.

Here is hoping to find like minded Cardassian citizens stepping forward for Cardassia.
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# 3
10-15-2013, 03:02 PM
To any players using Cardassian characters, in your character development has your Cardassian character experienced the hell hound named Head Mistress Sol'Lyn during their times at the Cardassian Military Institute in Lakarian City?

(If you have no idea who this is, read my stories of Gul Marritza Nador)
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# 4
10-15-2013, 10:09 PM
Low level Foundry Mission "From the Ashes 1" is being published now.

It will be very slow for the pros. It is meant to introduce several important figures for the rest of the series. No Combat in this one, but plenty of RP opportunities.

And it is Cardassian in nature.
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# 5
10-16-2013, 03:33 AM
The following comments are my opinion of the Cardassians based off of the Imperial Japan example.

Japan Military recovery (1945-2003) is 59 years. Now that is from being a protectorate, to a Defense Force, to a standing military, and finally a military which could leave Japan for UN operations.

Japan Economy/Industry (1945-1995) is 50 years. Infrastructure and industry was doing very well prior to this time period, however 1995 was the year the YEN really started getting strong.

CARDASSIA 2375-2409 is 34 years. During this time the species didn't just sit back and cry about their situation.

2390 Possess the only planet in which a rare flower is grown; The flower can be turned into medicine to cure Yarmin Fel Syndrome.

2391 They've been financed by Grand Nagus Rom; to build industrial complexes, homes, and replication centers.

2392 Their industry has been trading Kelinide and Uridium to the Romulans.

2393 they were Building ships again; New technology Commercial Labs which are seen throughout the quadrant.

Within 19 years, the Cardassian economy should be looking pretty strong.

Also as of 2392; the government established benefits for

Families with more than one child would have created a baby boom syndrome. The oldest of these baby boomers would now be 17 years old and entering academies/universities.

The government also provided retraining for displaced Soldiers. Now you have a disciplined work force with the experience in whatever field they went into.

Although they still have to deal with the True Way and Alpha Jem Hadar; the other factors would have produced enough economy and prosperity that the True Way would have lost considerable influence.

DEVOS II is going to be a very sore point as the Federation allowed it to take place while the UFP was protecting Cardassian space.

SO, the opinions of those who believe Cardassia will never be anything anymore; I respectfully disagree.
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# 6
10-16-2013, 07:07 PM
FOUNDRY MISSION: From the Ashes 1 is now published.

It is a slow RP story to introduce characters in future stories; Hope you enjoy. I would have liked to put more dead bodies and burning buildings on the map, but it was too much and couldn't do it.

Also, as Cryptic doesn't have ANY Female Cardassians; I'm forced to use Romulan females in some scenes. Colonies look more like military camps because there are very few civilian options.

Hope you enjoy it though.
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# 7
10-17-2013, 10:55 AM
The Cardassian Jevonite Order is a gathering place for Cardassians and Aliens (with storyline of being from the Cardassian Union) from all factions.

We are not a fleet, we will not recruit to take Cardassians out of fleets. We are here to provide a place for Cardassians to gather and meet.

IF you have Cardassian or Alien (Cardassian Union member), I'd like to make a role call so other players wanting a more Cardassian gameplay (team missions, RP, etc)

So, here is how I'd like to make this

User name: Nador67

Character 1

Marritza Nador Hawaii timezone (GMT -10)
Federation faction
No Fleet
Enjoys PVE, RP, and STF missions, IF PvP understand I'm not very good but willing.

Character 2

Nador Ekoor Hawaii timezone (GMT -10)
Federation faction
No Fleet
Enjoys PVE, RP, and STF missions, IF PvP understand I'm not very good but willing

So, just for a contact list for other Cardassian players to meet up.
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# 8
10-18-2013, 07:42 PM
We are NOT a Fleet

I am providing a social area for players which enjoy playing Cardassians. The intent is to provide a location where like minded individuals can find new friends with similar preferences (that of playing a Cardassian)

If your fleet isn't on at a certain time, maybe a Cardassian will be. Seems like there isn't much interest though I see several players with Cardassian toons. If this is the case than I will freeze this group until Cardassians are officially in the game.
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# 9
10-19-2013, 01:44 AM
From the Ashes 1 Published and waiting for players

2375 Following the Dominion War; Cardassia Prime. No combat, but introduction to characters within the series.

From the Ashes 2 Not Published

2382 Certain events within the Path to 2409 have occurred. Investigation/Combat ground and space.

From the Ashes 3 Published and waiting for players

2387 Still in the Reconstruction process; certain events of the path to 2409 have occurred. Combat space/ground.

From the Ashes 4 Not Published

2390 Certain events within the path to 2409 have occurred. Investigation, Combat Ground

From the Ashes 5 Not Published

2393 Certain events within the path to 2409 have occurred. Mystery, Combat Space/Ground.
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# 10
10-19-2013, 11:48 PM
Regardless of how small our population is

Regardless of how small our chances are to recover

Regardless of how little aid we receive

The CARDASSIANS will continue to stand

We may be in hibernation; but we are not dead and we will not go away.

We do so, for Cardassia.

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