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(note that this is all for pve, not pvp)

I'm currently running a fleet mogai, with quad plasma cannons, romulan plasma dual heavy cannons, romulan plasma dual beam banks, and a plasma torpedo foreward, and two romulan plasma turrets plus a cutting beam on the back.

My current tactical boff layout is:
Commander: Torp Spread 1, Beam Overload 2, Torp Spread 3, AP:Omega 3
Lieutenant: Tactical Team 1, Beam Overload 2

I do like the big burst damage from beam overloads, but I'm wondering just how much of a damage boost I'd get if I went with all cannons (plus the torp/KCB) instead of the dual beam banks with overload.

Also, want some pointers/opinions on scatter volley vs rapid fire - which is better? Obviously one is AoE and one is multi-target, but does scatter volley give any benefit when fighting single targets, or is it the same as just firing your cannons without any abilities?

I've also considered swapping overload for fire at will, but I'm not sure it'd be worthwhile with just the single dual beam bank.
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10-15-2013, 09:05 AM
Remember that that BO is not really a DPS ability, it does a burst of damage and then lowers damage for a short time. FAW, CSV, and CRF are abilities that just flat-out increase your DPS. Spamming FAW with multiple DBBs can cause significant jumps in DPS, but with just one DBB it's not worth it.

Switching your DBB to DHC and BO to CSV/CRF, you would get a significant DPS boost but lose your ability to cause a damage spike (which is only relevant in PvP).

First you would have slightly better energy efficiency, and if you're able to stay within 7 km (where DHCs outdamage DBBs) your DPS will increase even without abilities or energy coming into play. Having most of your weapons (DHCs and turrets) affected by CSV/CRF makes them a really nice damage boost.

As for CSV vs CRF, I highly recommend CSV. Both abilities give a bonus to your damage, with CRF giving double the bonus of CSV. Logically, this means CSV will be on par with CRF when you have 2 targets, and better than CRF when you have 3 or more targets. The reason I really like CSV though is that it'll take out things like fighters, crystal shards, and heavy torpedoes without any effort on your part.

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10-15-2013, 11:37 AM
For PvE I like this set up...

2x Rom-Plasma DHC, Rom Torp, DBB
2x Turret, KCB

TT1, CSV1, BO3, APO3

EPtW1, AtB1, EPtS3
ET1, AtB1


You can play around with the BO, TS and CSV levels.
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