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Fellow Star Trek Online players:

Are you looking for a fleet and just can't quite find the right fit? Are you 30 years or older and looking for a mature fleet? Do you want to play with people you can call friend and not have the pressure of any mandatory in-game events? Are you an active player and looking to find a group with which to run the top-level missions? Are you a new player and want help learning the game and assistance in moving forward?

Tides of War is a gaming community of mature adults that aren't just fleet, guild, or squad mates, but like-minded individuals that become friends. MMORPGs are best played and enjoyed when playing as a team. Who better to play with as a team than a friend? We offer an inviting environment for both casual and very active players alike.

We are an active fleet and are recruiting new members! We do not have a level requirement and are excited to accept players from Lieutenant to Vice Admiral. We have interests in both PvE and PvP. We are increasing the number of coordinated fleet events but there is no pressure to participate. We frequently offer in-game contests for top-level gear as bounties for hard to find resources for the starbase. We actively run STFs and Fleet missions cooperatively. We have master crafters for those who would like an item but don't have the time or resources to max their crafting skills.

Our members have a wide array of interests in game.
- Do you enjoy crafting and exploration?
- Have a hankering for a good PvP battle or challenge?
- Working on getting that last piece of Mk XII STF gear?
- Looking for company while doing your dailies and mission replays?

We have fleet members that enjoy all those things - and more! It's hard to say a fleet is one size fits all, but our interests are both diverse and shared. You can play as much or as little as you like. We have some that can only play a few hours a week while others play daily.

Tides of War is more than just a fleet - we are a community. We have club members that play a variety of games. Look at our forums and see just how much fun you can have joining Tides of War. From Deepolis, to World of Tanks, to Call of Duty, to Battlefield 3, to Star Trek, and everywhere in between: Tides of War can be your home for friends with which to enjoy those games. Some people always say "There's an app for that." At Tides we can safely say "There's a member for that."

Contact us in-game, check out our website: http://tidesofwar.net/index.php, and join us on TeamSpeak 3 (you can click to join): tidesofwar.net

Tides of War Fleet Staff contacts:
@duke_tbar (Fleet Officer)
@CIAsniper (Fleet CO)
@sbe913 (Fleet XO)
Tigergixxer - Tides of War / Tides of War Club Member and Tides of War Fleet Counsel
Looking for a great community of friends to play Star Trek and many other games? We are a mature gaming community and welcoming new friends and members!
Visit our forums: http://tidesofwar.net

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# 2 Fleet Status Update
09-23-2012, 09:33 AM
Fleet Status Update

Fleet Star-base current level: 16

Mining T3 ( Complete )
Embassy T3 ( Complete )
Spire T3 ( Complete )
SB is T4 ( doing final projects/upgrades )

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If you promise me I can log in and not see a co-leader shouting about how no one is talking to them, cause the players are on a team in a Fleet event.. Contact me @Jigilo

Id like to have a chat
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# 4
09-25-2012, 05:02 PM
Drop by our TS anytime, Tiger put a "click me " link for our TS in his post at the end. We have tried to contact you ... but not hit so far.
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# 5
09-29-2012, 06:17 AM
Starbase Level 8.. and moving on
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# 6 an good fleet to be in
10-14-2012, 11:47 AM
hi i was in an fleet b4 ToW but not many played and i know ToW fleet anyway but was looking for an friendly and helpfull fleet were i would fit in and ToW was the place for me all members are very helpfull and friendly and all do work hard to keep the fleet good and happy for all members
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# 7
10-21-2012, 03:33 PM
Hello Trekkies! Im @bad4evr and I wish to share my personal testimony of ToW fleet. I joined September, 29 2012 and daily there's always someone on when I am. I enjoy the chat,and unlike most groups I have had the pleasure of playing with,ToW has a TeamSpeak 3 server. They are a kind and respectful people. Profanity isn't tolerated, and me personally, I have came to appreciate this factor of the ToW group. STF's are ran frequently. Episodes upon request..Ask and you shall be answered. Thanks ToW for the awesome fleet and company!
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# 8
11-04-2012, 09:34 AM
Good Morning!

I joined Tides of War after trying two other guilds; one full of Nazi Jag officers who wanted to tell you how to speak, think, and play (12th-Fl...), and the other one packed their Teamspeak channel with Extremists plotting to kill the US President - ( Icarus El... ). Having run for the hills from those two misfit outfits, I dug a bit deeper and asked around more for information on good fleets. Tides of War kept being talked about positively, so I contact one of their representatives. What a pleasant conversation! On Teamspeak, these folks are well organized, mature, and experienced gamers, most having played STO for a long time. Their starbase is high tier, near the top of most large Fleets, and they have a dedicated group of core officers running the Fleet. We have run pvp nights, STO nights, taken on more members since I arrived, and are doing very well.

We are mostly on during USA / North American Time Zones during the week, and around the clock on the weekends, most of us are working stiffs, some are retired, some are independently wealthy, so a good mix of mature gamers.

I recommend the Tides of War to any mature gamer in STO, we also have other chapters in other games, so keep an eye for our name in the gaming universe.


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# 9
11-10-2012, 09:56 AM
Been part of ToW since just b4 season 3 never had any problems, the guys are always friendly and helpful whether your just a beginner or a Vet player.
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# 10 Recruiting some more!
11-21-2012, 08:39 PM
Had a good discussion with the team while running STFs, ToW has been fortunate to find a core of good, mature gamers, that work well as a team. We are mostly North American Time Zone folks, 18+ years of age, all on voice comms on our guilds own server. If you are of the same caliber, consider joining us.
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