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# 1 STO Char Builder!
01-29-2010, 09:29 AM

Star Trek Online Character Builder
Stand Alone Jar Only, the initial frame size is too small, I will fix it.

Help Needed: Submit BO skills to make this come along faster

Ver 2.0.x
  • Storing BO Skills!
  • Completed some BO Skills
  • Fixed several bugs

Ver 1.9.x
  • Full Ship list (Fed)
  • Fully functional BO skill highlighting
  • Added Starship Auxiliary Systems Performance to Auxiliary to Structual dependency
  • Fixed Skill bug, it should be finally working correctly
  • Added missing BO Skills (no details though, but keep them coming if you have something)
  • Sorted BO like ingame: Tactical-Engineer-Science

Ver 1.8.x
  • Added Basic BO Selection Box
  • Added Highlighted Skills (BO)

Ver 1.7
  • Fixed Max SP

Ver 1.6.x
  • Typos
  • Skill system fixed
  • Raised Admiral skill points due to own "guess work" if anyone knows the real numbers tell me
  • Design fixes
  • Fixed different class start up, it will now show the right class when you use a link with a build different than tactical
  • Fixed skill bug, should work properly now
  • Cleaned up some redundant code
  • Included first steps toward BO builder (not visible though ;p)

Ver 1.5.x
  • Added ALL skills
  • Removed level box, you have now the max skillpoints when you start skilling
  • Added seperated skill points per rank
  • Added ++ and -- buttons
  • Added class selection
  • Modified the Layout
  • Several Typos...
  • Fixed the link, it doesn't display your class when you use it but it works nonetheless -> TODO

  • Fix overall Layout
  • Add a clear all skill points button (work around, switch class)
  • Complete Officer Skills
  • Printable Output

This post will be updated as often as possible.

I'm currently working on two separate projects, the Java Version which is done by myself and a JavaScript version which is mainly done by a friend of mine, we are going to release as soon as it's ready. I will keep the Java version alive and as accurate as possible. I will post a link to the JavaScript version when it's up (going to have a new address because stays Java so all the builds you have done so far will continue to work as long as I pay for that domain ;p

I have implemented the basic structure for BO Skill planer as well, but it's not yet functioning well and I'm sorry to tell you it won't be ready today
PS: you need Java to run it!
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# 2
01-29-2010, 09:30 AM
[Going to use this for additional information later]
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# 3
01-29-2010, 09:31 AM
Thank you !

Does anyone know if someone is developing a ship builder ?
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# 4
01-29-2010, 09:32 AM
Thank you, very much appreciated and it works great!

(please sticky)
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# 5
01-29-2010, 09:33 AM
Font needs to be bigger.
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# 6
01-29-2010, 09:35 AM
Originally Posted by Slough-3yeZ
Font needs to be bigger.
i tend to agree and i try my best to fit everything on a small screen without forcing people to scroll twice (browser and java scrollbar)

I will add this to my todo list
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# 7
01-29-2010, 09:37 AM
Originally Posted by Anden
(please sticky)
indeed, I second the request for a sticky.
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# 8
01-29-2010, 09:42 AM
Excellent work on this.
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# 9
01-29-2010, 09:43 AM
Great work, this has saved me from a lot of problems further down the line.
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# 10
01-29-2010, 10:09 AM
Topnotch work man, it works great. is where I ask for More more more like a whining child..... (sorry)

We need a supplemental to this information, which includes which Abilities in the game (Player and BO) that will benefit from each skill, a full list instead of the 2-3 that are shown in each Abilities' info section.

I know that this will likely be a largely player-driven set of data though, as the menus and information from the game itself is scattered and incomplete.

What I would like to see is a link to a wiki where we can add this info, or something similar, watcha think?

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