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Issue first the Borg show before the six months was over. The Borg found out about UFP from during Enterprise: Reg. Star Terk Yesterday Enterpise less then six months a away Best of Both Worlds.

More importantly was section 31 came to Klingon advance and force the UFP to surrender. For anyone who thinks Section 31 does the able to put Klingon Empire place. Is mistake to say the least. Section 31 has at mimimal a smell fleet of starships available. Basher point Section 31 at least some of manness cannon way he said oh my Oh my God Section 31 Manness cannon. While no idea does it sound like something which scare him great deal.
Deep Space Nine Extreme Measures. From 38 and 47 seconds to 38 minute and 53seconds.

Both issue force Klingon into fight more important enemy the Borg might well kept both side business both side had fighting 2 decade long war limit recourse try hold them at bay.

Then of course last problem what surrender have meant practice UFP destroy. Dominion itself have problem control entire UFP. Klingon Empire have 2 decade war is going to have the recourse.

Pircard statement that is very possible that the USS Enterprise C may fail we not have worry why about that for a while. Pircard statement that surrender would kind mean UFP giving teriroiries not be entire destroy because the war.
Last but not least made look USS Enterprise C made wrong turn order end up other timeline and of course last but not least the UFP but not least with out Sisko they had no way opening the Wornhole. So the Bajor discovering the Wornhole meanless. Also without UFP the Klingon Empire conquest the Cardassion Union and Bajor as well. So how Dominion get real foot hold not include like destroy wornhole itself. Pratice terms if Cardassion conquest be no Dominion war because Cardassion part of the Klingon Empire.

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