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If anything, pets should be buffed further...I'm sure they will and be put behind some type of ridiculously long grind or pay wall. Just like anything else in this game since 14 October. But I digress...

So I did my MU event this morning on my 3 50s. My Engi is in her T5U Mobius, my Sci was moved back into his Vesta from his TSAB, and my Tac "main" is currently leveling the Phantom.

Hands down, the Mobius and Phantom are better than any other ship I've used in the event. It doesn't matter one frakking bit that science vessels and cruiser can power transfer and close rifts better than Escorts, Destroyers and Carriers and to an extent battle cruisers. Why? Because closing the rift fast or transferring power doesn't matter if you can't kill the mobs fast enough.

I switched over on my sci because I run projectiles and decided a GW3 +TS 3 might be better than DPB3, TS3 and GW1. But, the pleasant surprise were my Elite Yellowstones...see, they could actually survive battles long enough to be able to throw them heals and overcome the the mediocre damage of my TS3. Never the less, in my Avenger, Mobius and Phantom all I have to do is FAW and FAW like I never did before and all is well. Mobs are dead and it doesn't matter how long it takes to transfer power or close a rift.

I ran my first event in the Guardian and while it was more than adequate with A2B and FAW3, I was in MI with 2 Scimitars and a JHDC with JHAS pets and another cruiser, I think. Needless to say were hanging out for about 5 minutes for the phase change because anything that emerged got annihilated in seconds.

In my first event with my sci, it was my TSAB Torp Boat, with 2 other science ships and 2 cruisers. Needless to say the station got blown up 3 times before phase 5 triggered because we couldn't kill things fast enough to close rifts. Power couldn't be reliably transferred because again we couldn't kill things fast enough. We got bogged down and then overrun.

I am at the point of reallocating power levels, swapping to energy weapons on my Vesta so I can join the FAW club. I don't want to, but I have too if I don't want to take all day to kill things in the DQ. Even in an escort, the Vaadwar Artillery ships are HP sponges. It would take a minute or 2 to kill in a FAW ship even on normal. I figure that is an 8-10 minute fight in my sci even with GW3 and high partgens and TS3. NOT. GONNA . DO. IT.

Gecko can go ahead and nerf pets and keep pretending nerfs like this will fix the problems of less than 200 people in public queues (at 1045pm EST) last night with the majority in MI Normal. He can continually goad us with events like Mirror Invasion, Dil weekends, Winter Wonderland to log in and play, but that is still trying to use a band aid for a sucking chest wound. It might slow the bleeding but it won't stop the lung from collapsing and fluid entering the chest cavity.

So...go ahead and nerf pets. Go ahead and continue to nerf other ways to reasonably get XP, and nerf rewards. Go ahead and continue to nerf fun. Go ahead and continue to half ass the increase difficulty by slapping loads of HP on NPCs rather than giving them full load outs People will still log in and play albeit many are paying less (I am almost sure of it).

TL; DR I DARE you to nerf FAW. Nerf FAW, just do it. Just let me get a bag of popcorn first.
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11-04-2014, 09:47 AM
Originally Posted by lowy1 View Post
TL; DR I DARE you to nerf FAW. Nerf FAW, just do it. Just let me get a bag of popcorn first.
I've got a good stock of Jiffy Pop™ popcorn ready to go for the main event. Why jiffy pop you ask? I just like going old-school with my popcorn, no damn microwaves or any such nonsense. Oh, I've got lots of beer too, never ever forget the beer!

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11-04-2014, 10:44 AM
OP is right.Actually his topic is a good image of current game state.
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Here's what I said in the thread and will repeat here:

I think some nerfing might be warranted but not the full nerfing.

NPCs scaled up in theory to account for simple AI. (In theory, this also should have meant content with fewer NPCs with groups tuned more for 1:1 or 1:2 fights instead of 1:3 or 1:5.)

Carrier pets are, in a sense, half AI and half player controlled.

So I think the pets should derive 50% of scaling from NPCs of their level and 50% of scaling from the player operating them. That, to me, would be fair.

Scaling identically to NPCs is too much because they get the handicap for having an AI while having some of the benefits of intelligent control.

Scaling identically to players is too little because of the advantage poised by NPCs and because these ships are still highly reliant on AI.
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11-04-2014, 03:36 PM
Originally Posted by dova25 View Post
OP is right.Actually his topic is a good image of current game state.
Couldn't agree more...DR is the great NERFING of 2014
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11-04-2014, 03:39 PM
Just to make things clear, what the devs are doing to pets is correcting an overscaling HP/Shield bug from lvl 50-60 (especially at the higher ones), rather than nerfing their usual intended values
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