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This is just a call for help from a old but new player looking for a fleet that can hold my hand while I cross the street.

I use to play way back before the Romulus Empire was introduced into the game and now I'm back and dumber than ever! I feel like a kid in a candy store with a pocket full of buttons and no money.

Time to get down to the juicy details. I'm looking for a fleet that can show me the ropes and maybe how to swing on them. I'm looking to do everything from PvP to PvE and everything in between. Right now I started a new Federation Tactical Officer and eventually I'm going to roll a Romulan character just to get a D'Deridex Class ship.

I'm like that guy that buys the $200 shoes just to brag that I have it, the D'Deridex is going to be my set of Special Edition Bullet Proof Anti Gravity Indestructible Jay's.

Now a little bit about me, if it matters at all. Let's see, my neighbors don't talk to me anymore. Apparently it is frowned upon to walk around your own house wearing less than socially acceptable. I loved Pumpkin Spice Lattes but I don't own a pair of Ugg Boots. I love to stare at people while they are waiting for a red light. I once raced a Honda Civic in my Mazda 3 and lost, but it's okay his car went up in smoke afterwards, I'll chalk that up as a win.

Well that about sums everything up in a nut shell or two.

@Dakota55 <---- I think

"So long and thank you for all of the fish!"

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