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21st Assault Squadron
Established on Stardate 89893.09

Fleet Motto

A dedicated allegiance to the Federation formed for the purpose of preserving Freedom, Peace, Knowledge, Exploration, and Justice throughout the Galaxy: Stopping at nothing to protect the Federation from any known threat



By the order of Admiral Quinn, acting Chief of Starfleet Operations, the 21st Assault Squadron is hereby established in light of recent enemy incursions into the Alpha Quadrant. Authority over the established Fleet hereof shall be vested in Captain(s) Jetfang, Dayne, and Leyshon. All matters relating to this Fleet hereof shall now fall under their responsibility and jurisdiction.

Jorel Quinn, ADM, Starfleet
Chief of Starfleet Operations

-----END MESSAGE-----

Fleet Overview

The Fleet is composed of many races from across the galaxy, varying in both skill and expertise. We have trekkies and people new to the Star Trek Universe. We also have pizza (supplies limited)! But what we have that separates us from many other fleets is a close-knit camaraderie. No matter what size we turn out to be Fleet-wise, we always try to get other Fleet Captain’s involved whether it be STF’s or even Storyline quests. Respect is a cornerstone of the Fleet. We have a zero-tolerance policy to those who disrespect others and will quickly be referred to red-shirt duty where they will certainly die. Live Long and Prosper!

How to Apply

Simply head over to our website (see below for the URL). Under the tab Recruitment, fill out the following form and include your in-game name so we can contact you if you are accepted! We have a policy of not revealing our requirements publicly to ensure fair consideration to all prospective Captains. May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!


**IF for any reason the website is unavailable, please don't hesitate to send an in-game message about your interest. You can find the names to contact in-game at the bottom of the post!

Additions Fleet Information

We use Teamspeak to facilitate Fleet Communications! Upon acceptance to the Fleet, check the Fleet Information box in our Fleet Website to obtain our Fleet Communications Address. No Mic? No Problem! Just be sure to have it installed in order to listen in on important Fleet Meetings!

Fleet Testimonies

Jetfang (Fleet Executive Officer): "I enjoy helping anyone and everyone in the fleet. So lets have some fun playing STO."
Leyshon: "If you are going to be a pain in the ass, we don’t want you! LMAO!"
Edward: “Ensign, give me more pewpew on those phasers!!!”

Questions? Please contact these Fleet members in-game:

Fleet Executive Officer

Fleet Admiral

Fleet Admiral

Fleet Captain


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