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# 4281
06-28-2013, 08:58 PM
Under 24 hours till UFPAC and Ambassadors Ball.

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# 4282
06-29-2013, 05:14 PM
Another UFPAC in the books. I hope everyone had a great time. And a special thank you to the visitors we had from other fleets tonight. I hope you all enjoyed our celebration. I look forward to the next!
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# 4283
06-30-2013, 01:10 PM
Join UFP aT5 Starbase
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# 4284
07-01-2013, 05:54 AM
The {UFP} runs many great weekly events. From RP, to STF's we have it all. Head on over to the {UFP} Events page for more information. I look forward to seeing you in game!
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# 4285
07-01-2013, 01:55 PM
Congrats to our Federation main fleet on making the upgrade to a Tier 5 Starbase!

Watch your backs though...the House of Kular is right on your tail!

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# 4286
07-02-2013, 12:57 PM
Hello everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment to share one of the wonderful things the {UFP} has to offer. Our events officers work hard to provide fun things to do for our members. Go check out ourevents page for more information!

See you in game!
{UFP} Shakken
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# 4287
07-03-2013, 05:42 PM
Looking for an establish, well-organized, drama-free, active fleet?

Look no further... the {UFP} may be for you. Join today!
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# 4288
07-05-2013, 12:16 AM
We've unlocked tier one on our first fleet dilithium mine! Our Second and Third fleet mines are very close behind!
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# 4289
07-06-2013, 01:08 PM
Its another wonderful weekend in the {UFP}, events and fun galore. Tomorrow we have one of our biggest weekly events. STF Sunday is always a good time and a wonderful way to make new friends or just blast some borg with old friends! Would you like to know more?

If you are looking for a community of players that enjoy running content as a group, please come visit us.
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# 4290
07-08-2013, 06:09 AM
So closes another weekend in the {UFP}. We had a great turn out for STF Sunday (25 I think). Did anyone do something fun over the weekend?

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