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I'd been thinking about this a bit recently, and I'd like to ask as a request for the Spire holding:

Please don't make it cost 25 million Expertise to finish the tier 3 level of the Spire.

For the Embassy many months ago, it wasn't too bad. It could be handled if you had enough people willing to donate that much. The dil mine was put up a few months ago, and the discounts helped, but that is looking at at least another 21 million.

Now the Spire is coming out, and I dunno how well people are gonna be able to handle another 25 million eventually as well. It's not easy enough to generate that much Expertise. Between normal BOFF training and Rep, you can already eat up a lot of Expertise if it is a newer character.

I also have a question: Why is it 25 million? Sure I can understand the tier 3 of other areas being 1 million, that is pretty easy to take care of. But 25 million? That's a bit insane. I've always figured 2.5 million would be far more reasonable. First time I heard about the Embassy I thought the person who told me was trying to be funny.

Yes there will always be people who have super-high levels of Expertise to fill that kinda stuff, and also the really big fleets who have the numbers of people, but many many fleets (both small, medium, and heck even some medium-large ones) just won't have that kind of Expertise that they can spare for such massive upgrades both now, and in the future.

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10-16-2013, 11:54 AM
You get expertise in abundance and there isn't much to do with it, expertise is basically free fleet credits. If you can farm millions of dilithium and thousands of Fleet Marks, you should have easily gotten the required number of expertise along the way.
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# 3
10-16-2013, 09:17 PM
Agreed I alone have over 4 million unused expertise.
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# 4
10-16-2013, 09:33 PM
If anything, it should be even more. I alone was able to contribute 13-14 mil of expertise, it was epic, it gave me around 600K fleet credits.

once you are at max lvl expertise is just endlessly piling up. There should be use for it.
hmm i recall an idea where factions could donate it to common goals to influence...future developments. it was a good idea, we will probably never see it implemented.
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# 5
10-16-2013, 09:45 PM
I am in my 3rd month of playing, 8 million exp on my main.
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10-17-2013, 12:21 AM
It depends what you do. Stfs give you basically nothing its like 1-2k. GL going towards 25mil with that. So if you do other stuff that rewards more exp and keep doffing you will get good amounts but ppl like me who dont like doffs cause its ultra lame and who mostly do stfs dont really get much exp going. And the little i get it spend in rep grind or changing boff skills.
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# 7
10-17-2013, 12:53 AM
First 25mil was easy and was filled instantly. Second 25 mil was a bit slower, 3rd 25 mil is going to start getting difficult.

And the Mine does NOT decrease the expertise costs of ANY of the projects on the SB. Expertise is the only thing that does NOT decrease.
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10-17-2013, 01:32 AM
Not bashing or anything but really?? Please dont get them any ideas, would you like those 25m expertise be turned in 25m dil?

My fleet its a small-medium one and we are allmost at T3 dili mine with embassy full done aswell, and i am still standing on 8-9m expertise on all 4 toons.
For me, and alot of other players, that 25m expertise its a God sent gift. Expertise is easy to get, doesnt cost ECs like doffs or comodities, you get to choose your content unlike the fleet marks, and its not limited to how much you can earn in a day like the 8k dil refine cap. Heck one hour of mirror universe gives you like over 120k expertise.
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10-17-2013, 01:59 AM
Ok, I can understand why folks don't want it to change, but please answer this:

Why the huge jump then?

Why does the 1 million expertise required for the lesser tier 3 upgrades jump 25 times for the final tier 3 upgrade?

The other tier 3 stuff for those costs a crap-ton already. I remember doing the tier 3 Embassy upgrade needing 2 million dil. My point from that is that even though it needs a ton of other stuff, you can roughly see the progression, but expertise is a huge jump.

Now, don't misunderstand. I have a ton of expertise as well on a few toons (my Fed main at one point sat on like 9 million I think), so gathering it isn't an issue. All I'm getting at is that it's just a massive jump for just a single project and it can hit you like a truck if you don't have the people to actually donate it.

Simply because we here might have tons of expertise, doesn't mean everyone will, and won't always have it either.

If so many are sitting on huge piles of Expertise, then perhaps they should implement other ways to spend Expertise (not rep). I'm sure something useful could be thought of. Heck, at the very least, decrease the Expertise needs of the final tier 3 upgrades, but give all holdings, both old and new, a permanent special project that only needs Expertise, let it be used as a dumping ground for folks.

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10-17-2013, 03:14 AM
grab a 5 man team, go to tau dewa and enter the carraya system. For every player extra more romulans will spawn, you get 5 waves. kill rinse repeat.
red alerts give loads of expertise.
mirror invasion event gives loads.

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