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# 1 UK Fleets
08-30-2013, 02:31 PM
Hey so im wondering are there any UK/GMT based fleets out there..

Already in a fleet but I have several Alts i wouldn't mind seeing what's out there...

Message me if you think you'll fit my needs

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08-31-2013, 02:20 AM
Hi. Kobayashi crew is a uk fleet. We have members in america but @ussmidway and @thunderscott take care of that. You can be as active within the flert as you like and dont have to contribute to fleet holdings to be in the fleet. For more informaion you can:

see our fleet posts on the forum (British fleet recruiting now and kobayashi crew recruiting) in game mail/pm @dangerousdave1701. @splashash or @Kicker1205.
You can also tweet us at #KobayashiCrew or visit our facebook page Kobayashi Crew.
Hope to here from you.
Vice Admiral Davian Thule.

Fleet Exploration Cruiser Retrofit.
Kobayashi Crew.
Follow us on Twitter @KobayashiCrew. Like us on Facebook.

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