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# 1 Maiden Voyage (Published)
10-16-2013, 12:08 PM
Mission Title: Maiden Voyage
Your @Handle: @Klintobean
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 31+
Mission Summary: When Admiral Higgins orders you to a colony ravaged by disease and looting, you must take your crew to aid its colonists. In your effort to assist the colony you are hurdled back in time and must stop the sabotage of one of Starfleet's most important maiden voyages.

Will you have the cunning and determination to stop the saboteur before the U.S.S. Voyager is destroyed? And more importantly, will you be able to avoid an intervention from Temporal Investigations? Set your phasers to stun in this exhiliarating journey to the past!

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# 2
10-17-2013, 08:56 PM
Tried to play your mission tonight, server lag was so severe I had to stop.

Impressions so far:

Map one:

Such a gorgeous space map! Reminded me of the scene in 2001 a space odyssey with all the planets. I loved how you put things at all different y axis.

Yridians as antagonists? Memory alpha says they are a race that nearly went extinct. They are mainly information brokers.

The Yridians didn't quite look right, they had pointy noses and their chins were not all wrinkly. A Yridian I made (they can have some hair) http://stofoundryphiles.deviantart.c...dian-349579012

The mobs were frustrating! You reskinned carriers as shuttles so the combat was much harder than it ought to be. This fight was just a side point before we get to the main plot so I was frustrated by how hard it was.


Good custom map.

interesting npcs to talk to. I stopped before finding the cave.

I will be back for more.
Play more STO Foundry! (You can thank me later.)


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# 3
10-18-2013, 12:07 AM
Much shorter than I was expecting! I didn't mind, though.

The map design was really nice, especially in space. I agree with klintobean about the mob strength, though -- it was a bit embarrassing to have one of my shield facings drop while fighting a "shuttle"! It also might be nice to have a little warning before being charged by a captain mob as soon as you beam to the planet; when it's just low-level mobs, that's one thing, but a boss can mess you up before you know what happened.

It would be nice to have Elena's character a bit more fleshed out. The idea of Voyager causing unintended consequences like that is a really interesting one -- but why was she so adamant that it was what caused all her problems?

Cool to see Yridians as antagonists, although the costume design could have been a bit more authentic (hard to get it exactly right with the rather limited Alien-Gen options we've been given ). I don't think I've seen Yridians in a Foundry mission before, so I enjoyed that a lot.

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