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10-16-2013, 02:59 PM
Well at least its an attempt in a direction of what we've been wanting. There's a few questions I've had and more so with this blog.

#1. Based on the gear we have in the game is there going to be anything as far as advancement of technology to contend with these highly advanced enemies?

#2. Has Cryptic forgotten the fact even when they color coded mine trap along with most players not having a clue on how to play ground combat and its mechanics that on the whole of the player base there is only a handful of players out there with the current gear that might even stand a chance of even succeeding against them?

#3. Is this going to be instanced or open world type so that territory can be taken or lost?

#4. Along with the topic of saying that we would be getting something more than what we have to combat them is it basically just going to be the selling of mounts like neverwinter on a per character basis?

It sounds great for a new feature type of gameplay I'm just wondering if its been thought out or if its going to be a worse blow to the game than the 20 ppl faction based que missions which KDF usually never has enough people for even worse like the season 7 released made a lot of the pro ground players go elsewhere it does feel like the this is going to bring a lot of people back or its going to cripple the game to the point of it being shut down.

Edit: Oh yeah Gen Hauk that reminds me good point with a lot of this content coming out its imo really really immersion breaking that there is a Fed/KDF war and its like okay we are in a huge war but okay when we cross this line here and that line there we are allies but once you leave this area we will be enemies again LOL. They need to either end the war or progress it in some form because its like borg (allies), each other (enemies), tal shiar (allies), voth (allies), true way (uh okay we can be allies), old dominion fleet comes back (allies), etc. They need to cut the crap and either reinstate the Khitomer Accords or something I'm not too big on story but when it comes to this they need to have a firm state of the federation vs the KDF lol.

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Originally Posted by xlocutusofborgx View Post
I respect your view and I can understand what you guys are trying to do and it does makes sense but still... dino's are the last thing "in my game play" that I want to see. It brings the level of view "to me" for the game from way up high.. down to a kiddies game. I'm 33, sure theres other people around my age level that may like this but sorry.. this is something I really dont want to see.

Ill defenetly give it a shot. See what the content is like but honestly.. dino's... yeah just a bad bad idea in my view and one that actually force me out of the game. I know that may sound abit of a harsh reaction but.. yeah a trex walking around with a mini gun laser shooting people... might as well put big bird in the game with a phaser assault rifle.

I do hope others enjoy the new enemy and what it brings. Seems there is a few dozen out there that do like the idea.. but this player doesn't.. sorry
How are bio-engineered dinosaurs different and silly for you compared to, say...

Omnipotent beings, Space jellyfish, The Gods of Olympus, Evil space ghosts, etc?

How are Voth using bio-engineered reptilian lifeforms different than, say, the Klingons using War Targs or Jackal Mastiffs in combat and shiny swords where they have much powerful ranged weaponry available? What to you is not silly and what to you is silly? Star Trek has a lot of silly, and what is pretty much augmented dinosaurs don't feel totally out of the series' style.Is it silly? Sure! But how is that bad? Should the game be like DS9, all grim & dark and not a lick of fun or silliness? I know it's essentially space opera, but that'd make for a very boring game.

At the very least, you can vent your silly frustrations of dinosaurs with freakin' lasers by SHOOTING at them when S8 rolls out.
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10-16-2013, 03:03 PM
Cryptosaurus REx!!! RAwrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Rofl, this game just got a little more dino!
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10-16-2013, 03:06 PM
Do these Voth (and their Dinosaur pets) remind anyone of the Tau from Warhammer 40,000?
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Originally Posted by knuhteb5 View Post
Cryptosaurus REx!!! RAwrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Rofl, this game just got a little more dino!
Season 8: The Sphere Theme Song

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Reading the comments, I get the feeling that nearly every other gigantic, armoured combat monster with lasers would have been perfectly accepted by most people as long as it wouldn't have looked like a T-Rex/Dinosaur.

It seems to really be mostly the whole "dinosaurs are kidsstuff" Stigma that puts people off, not the idea of having armoured combat beasts itself.
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Originally Posted by blassreiterus View Post
Do you ever not whine when you post? It seems that almost every post you make is a whiny complain post, and it's getting a little tiresome to read them...

On topic, I really think the design of the ground combat is really cool. The Dinos look awesome, almost like the real thing (or like what Spielberg did with Jurassic Park).

I'm excited for Season 8.
Funny, post isn't whiney but, most of your replies are!
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No matter how you explain it away, putting dinos in the game was just a wrong decision by dan. Cryptic should know some limits that shouldn't be crossed even if it is a "game" to them. Not like trek doesn't have hundreds of source material to draw from already without inventing stuff up to flesh out existing stories that was on the show. They dont need it.
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10-16-2013, 03:11 PM
I fully support dinos in Star Trek. I'm not being sarcastic, I really mean it.

Now just for &$#@s and giggles can we have a "Sharknado Dino Morpher" accolade, or "Trapped in Amber" or something?
I like my Sci guy & I like my Sci ship & that's that.

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10-16-2013, 03:12 PM
I wonder if they will be able to spin and use their tail like a sweeping strike with a mass repel.

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