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Originally Posted by blassreiterus View Post
Do you ever not whine when you post? It seems that almost every post you make is a whiny complain post, and it's getting a little tiresome to read them...

On topic, I really think the design of the ground combat is really cool. The Dinos look awesome, almost like the real thing (or like what Spielberg did with Jurassic Park).

I'm excited for Season 8.

If you begin your post with "Do you ever not whine when you post? (personal attack personal attack personal attack)..."

Then move away from that another remark indicating you knew you were attacking someone with a witty opener like "On topic..."

And none of the moderators chime in with a "You, corner, NOW!"

It is fairly obvious you clean chrome off their trailer hitches, and they like it.

For the upcoming poll topic I suggest "Do we end preferential treatment, or shall we allow more chrome to be cleaned off Cryptic's trailer hitches as the game continues its downward spiral into an online gambling setup?"

Which brings me to the underlying theme - October 30, 2013 "Sphere of Influence" became available - a day early.

It's funny.
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10-30-2013, 07:55 PM
I'm of the opinion that if we don't like the direction a game is going, say something.

Mostly because I've been down this road a few times and it ended in 1 of 2 scenarios.

1: The game was cancelled because the changes made it unplayable.

2: The casual or semi-casual player just got so frustrated the playerbase diminished to the hardcore players.
Most of whom are so obsessed with the game, they defended every bad decision that was made and claimed it was so awesome when popular opinion indicated the very opposite.

But the cynic in me says that even if we say something, it doesn't matter.
Because PWE have said "you're doing it this way because we own you now, you like having jobs and a steady income, don't you?".

And it's October 31st here, so it's right on time for me!

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