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Hi Folks and welcome to a mostly great game

I want to give you a brief Tutorial to the SPACE COMBAT PART.

First you have to know, that STO is a completely different Game as most other MMOs:

You don’t standing still on one place in a 2-D Environment hitting 1...2...3 in the correct order and the given time like in most other MMOs…

No, you are free to move in a complete 3-D Environment whith fluently combat, permanently altering Positions between the combattants!!

This is important to know, cuz your used Strategies from other MMOs like WoW, **** or something like that, wont work in STO… you have to develop new strategies and Tactics!!

So pls, take your time and think about what would be best for you and don’t fly straight into the middle of an enemy group, claiming after that, it would be too hard…

We made many experiences in Closed Beta and Open Beta with People who came fresh to the game and didn’t bothered anything and therefore had Problems all the time… even when the Combat is scaled down much at beginning, you should consider the following THREE BASIC RULES:


Pls take that to the letter and respect the following points which you should perform at optimum all at the same time:

1.1 You should always try to hit your Foe at his weakest side, usually the rear

1.2 Try to stay on this weakest side

1.3 Try to shoot ONLY ONE shield down and hammer after that the blanket Hull with your torpedos

1.4 While you try to do so, face your strongest side to the enemy with which you could face most of your weapons:
Cruisers and Science Vessels --> the BROADSIDE
Escorts --> the FRONT

1.5 While trying to knock out ONE specific shield of the enemy (at optimum that shield of his weakest side)m you have to prevent that the enemy does the same to you:
-Redirect Power to the Shield which is facing the enemy
-Balance your remaining shield power to all 4 shields
-Turn your weakest or a broken Shield immediately out of the focus of your foe

1.6 Try to prevent that a torpedo or even more a torpedo volley hit’s a side with no more Shields left!! Torpedos does very less damage to the shields but MASSIVELY damage to the blanket hull

1.7 Try to do so to your foe


The Game came with a very comfortable “Autogrouping” Function which could be a blessing to all the people who don’t have fellows until now in the game and doesn’t wants to fly alone…

But every time when something is very good, it has its bad side as well:

When you enter any system or Instance, you would normally be auto grouped with other people who have the same mission as you!!
That’s really kind from the game..

BUT you have to know, that the NUMBER OF ENEMYS you have to face then, increasing accordingly to the NUMBER OF PEOPLE inside your Group !!!!!
So if you don’t want to fly in a Group, or your Group don’t work together with someone flying in that direction, the other one in the other and the third one is going afk… you would get in trouble maybe!!
Cuz doing so, everyone have to face ALONE the number of enemys assigned to match your whole group!!!!

We had many complaints of people in CB and even more in OB, who weren’t aware of this fact until the end and did complaining EVERYTIME about to harsh missions, cuz they were flying solo against a number of enemys which were designed to match the whole group…

So if you don’t want to fly in a group, turn those “auto grouping” off!!

You do that in the following way:

1. Step: Go to the “Social” --> ”Teamsetting” --> "Open Team” and toggle on “Closed Team”
2. Step: again “Social” --> ”Teamsetting” --> ”Invite Team” and choose “Request Invite”

In that way, you would enter any Missionsinstance solo and would be asked if you wanna group with someone… now you have against you the correct number of enemys for you alone


The MOST important part of this brief Tutorial!!

When you are flying with full impulse, your energy is nearly to 100% redirected to the engines and it takes time to get it back to the Weapons, Shields and Auxiliarys..

In fact, flying with full impulse, you have only 5/100 energy available for both weapons and shields!!!
If you would face the enemy with that setting, you would be shooting with paper dolls and your shields would be extremely thin!!
In fact you would only do some roughly 5-10 DPS with your phasers with those 5/100 energy instead of some 200-300 with 100/100 energy located into…
Same to Shields: yor shield would get broken with those 5/100 Energy setting with a few Beamhits from your foe!!
You have to do nothing to relocate your power from engines to weapons and shields, your ship does this all for you, but its takes some time!!!

Therefore you should stop full impulse roughly at 15 Km before the next mob you are about to attack!! Travelling the remaining distance with normal speed, your weapons and shields would get to FULL power when the engagement begins…

These are the MOST IMPORTANT Topics to fresh people at STO !!! There are a lot of mnore stuff to learn but if you consider these few points you wouldn’t have any problems with your foes or missions in space… and you will get better day after day, when you will get more experienced and developing your own strategies and tactics

Good Luck

DEVS. pls make it sticky
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
01-29-2010, 04:01 PM
Good stuff.
Lt. Commander
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# 3
01-29-2010, 04:04 PM
Agreed This should be a bit helpful.
Lt. Commander
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# 4
01-29-2010, 04:05 PM
this will help. I am new to gaming and I was having a hard time but it''s getting easier now.
Lt. Commander
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# 5
01-29-2010, 04:45 PM
Good summation of helpful stuff for getting started!

P.S. You can "violate" some of those "rules" in interesting ways, under certain circumstances, for tactical purposes. Not sure if I should say more . . .
Lt. Commander
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# 6
01-30-2010, 03:42 AM
Originally Posted by mdarga View Post
Good stuff.
I dont wanna push my own threads and i have to state, after completing this job, it doesnt matter to ME on which page this thread is located...

But for the NEW and FRESH player, i would highly advice you to pin that post at the top!!!

The thread doesnt refer to some ideas of me, it is fundamental to all new ones, who would get otherwise great problems as we all saw in the CB and OB everytime when new players joined the game...

I would advice you to your own wellfare to do so...

... you would prevent mindless flaming from newbies about some aspects of the game as much as possible!!!

In MANY postings in Open Beta discussions it came out that even experienced players were for example not aware of this "autogrouping function" and the way, it affected their gameplay!! Many complaints came about those "misunderstandings" about those fundamental topics!!

So to give newbies a VERY brief summary of the most important things to prevent some misunderstanding in the most fundamental topics, pls made this sticky or pin it on top
Lt. Commander
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# 7
01-30-2010, 03:44 AM
All Lies.

I swear.

Lt. Commander
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# 8
01-30-2010, 03:57 AM
This should be part of the ingame tutorial!
Lt. Commander
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# 9
01-30-2010, 04:14 AM
Originally Posted by Riddip View Post
This should be part of the ingame tutorial!
Well maybe after all the grammatical errors are corrected...lol.
Lt. Commander
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# 10
01-30-2010, 04:18 AM
Originally Posted by Lucifer66 View Post
Well maybe after all the grammatical errors are corrected...lol.
sorry...but i am a german player and living in germany

But after all those errors you seemed to still understood the message

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