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01-29-2010, 10:43 AM

Greetings members of the United Federation of Planets. I am pleased to announce that Starfleet Headquarters has granted our request to allow additional crewmen and starships to be entered into service under the 4th Fleet. It is a great day for a fleet with so much history to once again be able to regain the strength needed to accomplish the missions ahead.

Under the authority of Starfleet Headquarters I now post this message to the Federation Network in hopes that new recruits will wish to enlist and serve with this fine fleet. Applicants need only submit the appropriate documentation via their sector's predesignated Starfleet Recruitment Office. A Recruitment Officer is standing by to respond accordingly.

-End Message-

4th Fleet is a light RP fleet here on the STO forums. With a colorful history in both Star Trek lore, and in non-canon source material, the 4th Fleet is an impressive organization. I am Fleet Admiral Vorec (Retired) the fleet's previous Commanding Officer in Charge.

After a long and utterly massive battle at Starbase 24, most of the fleet was destroyed as it was engaged by a fleet of Klingon (many of whom moved into tactical positions cloaked). After taking command and pulling the forces back, I as a Commander at the time was able to regroup the fleet and survey our losses. Our Admirals had perished as well as many ship Captains as a result of combat. After contacting Starfleet Headquarters with just a handful of ships at my disposal I was granted authorization to continue operations while I wait for re-enforcements.

Please review the following documents for consideration and I hope to see your applications soon. If you are from an existing fleet and wish to say hello, by all means feel free to post. Just please adhere to forum standards and keep disruptions, recruitment, etc out of the thread. Should you encounter a problem here in the thread or on our own forums... please contact me directly. The following is a link to our website where you are more than welcome to contact me by private communications:

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# 2 Fourth Fleet - Starbase 24
01-29-2010, 10:43 AM
4th Fleet History

Originally founded and formed in the 23rd Century, 4th Fleet was charged with the ominous task of scouring the galaxy and exploring strange and new worlds. Compiling data for the United Federation of Planets, 4th Fleet personnel were able to substantially increase the Federation's database on planets, moons, and systems.

It was also during the 23rd Century that 4th Fleet was recognized for its distinguished service, when performing as ambassadors or mediators dispatched on behalf of Starfleet Command. They received a Presidential Citation in 2292 at Starfleet Headquarters in Paris, France.

Although the fleet has been involved in numerous battles throughout its lifespan, it was not until the 24th Century that it would meet some of the more technologically advanced and ferocious enemies the Federation has ever known.

In the mid-24th Century, the Fleet would first battle the Borg, a species with a hunger for assimilating all who stand in their way. During that time, 4th Fleet fought them on numerous occasions along the Neutral Zone border and suffered a number of casualties. However, it was in 2367, at the Battle of Wolf 359, where 4th Fleet's rate of those killed or wounded by the Borg was at its most severe. Of the 15 ships sent to assist with preventing a Borg cube reaching Earth, none returned. After this demoralizing defeat, the Fleet would, once again, distinguish themselves in battle against the Borg in 2373. With the assistance of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, 4th Fleet and other starships of the Federation confronted the Borg in the Typhon Sector and destroyed their cube. Unfortunately, trouble was brewing elsewhere, making celebrations of the Borg defeat short-lived.

Later in 2373, following it's battles with the Borg, elements of 4th Fleet were sent to Torros III to assist the Klingon Empire and Federation forces with a shipyard raid against the Dominion... the latest threat in the galaxy. The operation was successful and the shipyard was destroyed, inflicting heavy losses to Dominion forces, if only temporarily. In choosing to launch the attack on the Torros III shipyards, the Federation chose not to send reinforcements to Deep Space 9, near Bajor, which was lost to the Dominion.

With the Dominion War now fully underway, 4th Fleet assisted Federation forces at the Battle of Tyra. Eight ships of the 4th Fleet were sent to join the battle, but only two returned. With only fourteen of the one hundred and twelve ships surviving, the battle was a complete disaster for the allies, but a disaster that the Federation would make up for in future engagements.

In 2374 a number of ships from 4th Fleet assisted with the recapturing of Deep Space Nine. The battle was a success and the space station was recaptured by Captain Benjamin Sisko who re-assumed command of the station. The re-taking of DS9 not only removed the threat of Dominion control of the nearby wormhole, but also proved to be the pivotal moment in the Dominion War.

In 2375 a small number of 4th Fleet ships assisted with the Battle of Cardassia, in which the Dominion forces were overthrown and destroyed. This ended the Dominion War with the Federation after a ruthless number of battles.

Over the next 20 years, the relationship between the Klingon Empire and the Federation began to deteriorate. Constant conflicts began to spring up along their mutual borders. Fearing further conflict, Starfleet deployed the 4th Fleet to Starbase 24, in order to monitor the situation.

Ultimately, in 2409 a massive Klingon fleet, comprised of Birds of Prey, Vor'cha warships, and number of battle cruisers, began an assault across the neutral zone and laid siege against Starbase 24. In the ensuing conflict, 4th Fleet suffered over 70% casualties, and began a tactical retreat to safer Federation space. It was a defeat the Fleet had not seen in many years and it would be weeks before 4th Fleet could muster enough ships to make an attempt at retaking the station.

Now, poised for battle, the 4th Fleet attempts to retake lost Federation ground across the galaxy, and to re-establish their home on Starbase 24. Their hope is to repel the invading Klingons and once again bring peace to the Federation.
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01-29-2010, 10:49 AM
4th Fleet Organization and Breakdown

You can review 4th Fleet's complete and up-to-date organizational roster at our official forums.
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01-29-2010, 11:07 AM
Fleet Breakdown of Ranks, Positions, Roles, and In-Game Privleges

You can review 4th Fleet's organizational structure at our official forums.
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01-29-2010, 11:08 AM
4th Fleet Communications

Greetings citizens of the Federation. Starfleet Command has authorized the release of the access codes to the 4th Fleet Communications. Please contact the fleet by the following:

1. Download the client. You have two choices, either the 32 bit (XP), or 64 bit (Vista/7). Here is the download link (be concerned with ONLY the two top choices... either 32 or 64 bit):


2. Install the downloaded .exe after agreeing to the user agreement.

3. Load up TeamSpeak and you'll be asked for information (this is for how you'll talk and the volume levels). After you complete that set up, you need to click "Connections" at the top left.

4. The next popup window will ask for the server information and your username. It should be as follows:

Port: 9127
Nickname: (Your Rank/Abbreviation and Character Name)
Password: 4thFleet

*Make sure you use the exact password above with the exact capitalization.*

5. Once connected (by hitting "Connect") you NEED to click on the small green eyeball icon at the top in order to view all of the TeamSpeak channel users. Each channel will have a small icon next to them with a blue/white check (so that you know you've done it correctly).

6. You're done. You can mess around with the sound settings to use Push to Talk or Voice Activation and set the volume levels. The rest is for the Admins to take care. All Admirals and Captains will have administrative abilities. So speak to them if you have any problems.

Look forward to seeing you all over there!


If you minimize TeamSpeak, it will show up on your taskbar by your clock as a small circle. Double click to bring it back to the front. So don't worry, it didn't disappear!

Should you run into any problems with the fleet communications system, do let us know (by starting a new topic on our forums) and please be as detailed as possible with your issue.
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01-29-2010, 11:09 AM
Why the 4th Fleet?

Some of you may be asking, why would I want to join 4th Fleet since there's so many other numbered fleets out there? Why would I trust this guy Gauwyn Vorec? Who is he to be leading a fleet and how do I know this fleet wont cave in? I'll start by telling you a bit about me.

As far back as I can remember I've been a fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars. The idea that we're not alone in the galaxy and that exploration is possible has always been something I've thought about. I remember a long time ago when I was a kid I got a computer as a gift from a family friend. It was an old system that didn't even have Windows. The only operating system it functioned on was DOS.

I remember the very first game I got for it and it was on a 5 1/4" disk. It was called, "Star Trek". I remember how you could select locations to explore and even combat different species. It was horrid to today's standards... but it set me on a path of Science Fiction that has continued for many years now. Not only that but it started a life of gaming that I never thought would get to the point it is now.

With the advent of newer systems, and technology I upgraded my computer along with the games I was interested in. I had enjoyed everything under the sun from Text Based RPG's to cutting edge First Person Shooters.

in 2000 I made a decision that would ultimately change my life forever. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps (as an Infantry Machinegunner) and shipped off for boot camp. I learned a lot about myself and my country during my enlistment and I gained a huge sense of honor and commitment to serving. I deployed to over 13 different countries some of which I no longer remember or could even pronounce/spell at the time.

In 2003 after a deployment and on my way home I was redirected to Kuwait where I landed and joined the forces in combat in Iraq. It was an eye opening experience that I can't go a day without thinking about. But again, it taught me a lot about myself and gave me some insight into what combat is like.

In 2004 after a second deployment (to Africa) I was released from Active Duty honorably and went home to Colorado where I've been since. I've picked a job now that I am happy with, and get to continue my life long education.

What I learned over the years is what it takes to lead. I took my real life knowledge with me and went online with it. I created a tactical realism unit for a first person shooter that still exists today some years later. It started with one man and grew to two, three, five, and then exploded from there. We trained together and were a well respected unit in the community.

Over time I drifted from FPS's and having dabbled a bit in some MMO's before (mainly Anarchy Online, Dark Age of Camelot, and Star Wars Galaxies), I started focusing on them more and more. I wanted to make a mark on them as I had with FPS's. I found myself beta testing and downloading trials of every MMO I could get my hands on. I was searching for the perfect MMO.

It was not until I heard the announcement of Star Trek Online that I got a revival in my quest. I followed this game from the early inception of concept art to where it is now. I have every bit of confidence that this game is going to go places that I've only dreamed. The old 5 1/4" Star Trek game that I played has been transformed.

I've decided not long ago that this is my home. There's a plethora of MMO's set for release in the distant future. But none of them have the depth I think this game is going to deliver. Sure I can run around with a glow stick fighting other similar characters... but nothing is more exciting than cruising the galaxy in a starship battling aliens and launching attacks on the ground with phasers.

So why the 4th? The 4th Fleet is poised to make a very strong impact on this community. I'm standing behind it with everything I have right now. I want to see it succeed. I want all other fleets to look on the members of the 4th with honor and respect. With the skills I've gathered over the years and those of the members who join, I have no doubt that this fleet will accomplish great feats and victories. When you ask why the 4th I can't help but ask, "Why wouldn't you join the 4th".

If you're looking for a strong sense of Honor, Courage, and Strength... the very motto I live by in my gaming and require of all new members... then this is the place for you. I want teamwork to be absolutely essentially and the backbone of this fleet. At the same time of course, I want everyone to have fun here. I don't want this to be a chore. I don't want you to feel like you need to drop everything when you enlist. Real life comes first, the fleet second. I expect each and every member of the fleet to put in their all as they're able, and to think of their fellow Officer before themselves in game. If these traits and policies sounds good to you, feel free to enlist with us, or just contact me and I'll discuss it further with you.

I look forward to serving with you all... 4th Fleet, Federation Fleets, and allied races. I look forward to doing honorable combat with the Klingon Empire, and their allies. Because only the strongest will survive and I know that'll be the Federation.
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01-29-2010, 11:10 AM
Recruitment Guidelines and Procedures

Greetings potential applicants to the Federation's 4th Fleet. The fleets overall goal is to organize themselves in such a way as to be a large contributor to the Federation's cause. Through the employment of the latest technology and specialized training, we hope to accomplish many great feats throughout the lifespan of this game. There are however a certain type of person we're looking for.

You absolutely do not need to Roleplay. However we do support Roleplayers on the website, on the voice chat, and in-game. I'm planning to open up a thread in another section of this forum to also accommodate those wanting to RP. I myself have been an avid RP'er and tend to drift that direction in any MMO I play. Of course, I never limit recruitment to those types of like individuals.

What is very important to me is teamwork. With my background and my current profession I believe one of the key's to survival is teamwork. I know that in a game setting such as an MMO, teamwork is essential to taking control of the situation and succeeding where others have failed. Running solo is great... but it wont ever get you to through all of the scenarios you might come up against. Throughout history both in-game (in MMO's) and out, teamwork has always been the contributing factor to success and it'll be that way here as well.

Along with that, I live by a motto in everything I do. Day to day I strive to adhere to three concepts. The first is Honor. Honor to me is the ability to go forth and do so with distinction. Where all others slide around what is right, I have always done the opposite. I always follow my gut feeling and do what is absolutely necessary to succeed, but not at the cost of another persons honor. The great Dr. Zefram Cochrane once said and it applies here... "Don't try to be a great man. Just be a man, and let history make its own judgment". I firmly believe that if you carry yourself with honor, that history will make its own judgment and it will see you as great.

Along with that I live by the concept of Courage. To me Courage is about taking that leap of faith and fight against all odds to accomplish a goal. When your fellow man is in need, you dive headfirst into the situation to help them. Courage is the fuel that sends great men to do great deeds. When others fail, and others cringe and fail to act, the courageous go forward. The courageous make the tough calls and live by them. No matter the cost at the end, they do what is necessary to succeed.

Lastly, I live by one more concept and that's Strength. To me, Strength is a means of accomplishing the other two concepts above. Without the strength to carry on and to make those tough decisions (while living with the consequences), then you'll never get where you need to. Strength gives you the power to make change and to do it well. As I always say, in a team environment, we're only as strong as the weakest link. As long as we all strive to be the strongest we can be, we never can fail when we work together.

I've carried that motto with me since my service back in 2004. Their motto is a little different as Commitment I think comes with Honor. By being honorable, you put the team above yourself and you strive to serve all others. Commitment comes with the ability to stay true to your fellow man, I think that's covered already.

Now with all that said... there's one last thing I live by and that's FUN. This is after all a game. This isn't real life, though with each added fleet member they bring their own traits to the pile and we experience who they are and what they're about. We pick up on some of their pro's and sometimes it helps to improve each of us as individuals. But without fun then this is a chore. You'll soon find yourself burned out and doing only the bare minimum to get by. Entertainment is the key to surviving any game. We want you to have fun here above all else.

At the same time we know that true life comes first. We will never expect you to throw down what you're doing in real life and be here. It's unfair and does damage you wont see for many years. I learned my lesson from past experiences that I needed to balance my own life and fun to really enjoy these games and organizations I was a part of. I noticed right off the bat that some demanded more than others and that I ultimately got tired of those places. I want each and every member here to WANT to be here. I want you to feel the desire to put forth the extra effort when you can, and contribute to this team.

Now if that sounds like you, and I apologize that it's so lengthy. Then by all means make the leap to enlist. If you should have any questions do NOT hesitate to ask prior to joining up. I want each and every applicant to make informed decision and that starts with knowing the answers to your many questions.

The first step to enlistment is to register on the 4th Fleet website. I ask that everyone wanting to come in register with their character names as to avoid any problems later between roleplayers and non-roleplayers. I want those who RP to feel the immersion and if someone is running around the fleet with the name, "Jojobee", they might not feel that way.

After you've registered read up on the application guidelines here and familiarize yourself with the Directives posted below the application. These Directives are in place to explain the process further and not in any way restrict you in your applying.

Once satisfied with your decision to join the fleet, create a thread with all of the information above the dividing line. That information helps the commanding officers know exactly who they're dealing with and to better fit you into the fleet. You need not use the same exact format, but you must include all of the information (no matter how much it seems).

After you've applied return here and let us know of your intentions to enlist in Starfleet. A Recruitment Officer will review the information and proceed from there.

The latest addition to the website is something I spent a great deal of time on. I added in Personnel Files that worked very well in a group I was involved in a few years back. You can view an example here. It's based on the television shows computer files such as an example here. Each member who joins the fleet will be given a service record and allowed to display their accomplishments to the general public. It's my way of giving back to the fleet members. That's the last step in the application process and why so much information is needed in the posting.

So if enlisting with us is a desire of yours, please go ahead and start the process. If you truly want to make a difference in this Federation and accomplish great things, then this is the fleet for you. Recruitment Officers are standing by to receive you.
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01-29-2010, 11:16 AM
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01-29-2010, 01:53 PM
*For Later Use*
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01-29-2010, 01:54 PM
With the wiping of the forums and our previous thread moved to the archives... the 4th Fleet is officially back in business here on the STO forums. All members and visitors are hereby authorized to post at will.

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