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10-17-2013, 10:04 PM
Originally Posted by theraven2378 View Post
Did a 5 man fleet defense with 3 other members of my fleet and a randomer, when the borg showed up, the randomer left presuming it to be a total write off at the beginning.

Turns out me and 3 other fleetmates ended up dominating the battlefield with time to spare.
Borg are among the easiest in fleet defense. That guy was to quite a man i once saw on T.V. an Idjit!

As for the rest i had a couple of Idjit groups today. Mostly people not working together.

In the instances that i do pull a pre-failed op, i usually try and talk to the group and get som functionality going, essentially becoming a cruiser coordinator.

The only time i get uppity about failing optionals is on ground ones that i am trying to get the accolade for. Took me a year to get manus ground, cuz of idjits who dont listen, or people who just dont speak english(not idjits) just folk who dont have that as their primary language, i would suffer the same problem if i was in say a russian pug group.

My biggest problem is people who dont listen. How hard is it to listen to someone with experience?

As for Khit i often take probe duty on one side just so i know its getting done, but to be fair i can pull a cube and handle probes like a boss.

Also i ran and got all the OPs for the elite accolade today, thats right in one day.
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10-18-2013, 12:13 AM
Originally Posted by lordlalo View Post
Word of the wise: If you see just one player come into the STF shooting rainbows, take the leaver penalty -- it will spare you the drama.
But my rainbows are so fabulous! If you left, you would miss their beauty and elegance, each beam a different color!

Originally Posted by lordlalo View Post
And another problem is no one wants to voice chat in STF's even though the functionality is there and working
There's a voice chat? I was under the impression it was purely a delivery mechanism for spam, and had it banned on my firewall. And that's BEFORE you deal with horrible 12 year olds and their horrible squeaky voices.

Originally Posted by lordlalo View Post
They should use this system making deaths cost the player something and penalizing the player for being bad -- and I say this by being a primary tactical escort captain.
In practice, this does not work. What it DOES do is make the mission increasingly difficult to complete as all your teammates die. An additional cost associated with it guarantees more shot-up ships in your missions.

Really, if you think the public players are terrible and you just can't stand playing with them...get a private group. The public queues are for the public. Deal with it. It keeps life interesting. Where would we get tales of horrible PUGs if not for horrible PUGs? And really, who cares what they do? You don't actually need them!

Originally Posted by lordlalo View Post
There is one simple fix to all of this: Place the requirement on eSTFs that a player must complete the entire quest line up to that certain point
NO THANK YOU. I am not playing those horrible missions, the pay on them is absolutely lousy and they don't give you anything for it. Ever since they removed the actual reward, there is ZERO reason to ever touch that mission again.
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10-18-2013, 12:49 AM
Originally Posted by capnshadow27 View Post
As for Khit i often take probe duty on one side just so i know its getting done, but to be fair i can pull a cube and handle probes like a boss.
I do similar although I fly a Sci/Sci build: Wells, time set, choniton torps, GW. While I can hold an arbitrary number of probes all day, my DPS is not at a point where I feel comfortable both playing goalie -and- taking down transformers/nodes/cubes by myself. I should look into ways to up that.
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10-18-2013, 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
There should be a limit on joining ESTFs until you have done 20x of the NORMAL level for that given category STF and at LEAST 5 of the normal for that map. So you can't join Cure Elite until you've done 20x space NORMALS, and at least 5 of those had to be Cure Normal.
Wouldn't be an effective barrier.

Tactics are completely unnecessary on Normal Space (and who does ground anymore? Requires far too much thought). As long as one or two people shoot the right thing, the mission will probably stagger through and Captain Gary Stu of the USS AWESOMESAUCE will not realise he's doing a thing wrong and toddle into Elites. But with an added, extra thick skull because he thinks he's been doing something right to get to Elites in the first place.

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Better to stagger through than to be totally hindered by one absolutely unready moron. Like I said, I had an example of a guy dying 15x and trying to take on the cubes before the nanites. SOLO.

It would cut down on a lot of the idiocy, methinks. Not all of it, but enough to let you get by.
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10-18-2013, 03:20 PM
How exactly is this different than it was a year ago...? Or two years ago?
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Had a fun one today, 1 Avenger hits full impulse and does a circle plus sticks to the invisible wall behind spawn, 1 veteran ship parked at spawn needing, 1 obviously without a clue but atleast tried and stuck with the group pops a generator while 1 other was at 100%. and me and 1 other lonely player who got ours down to 10% and aimed to the last one when pop here comes spheres. Needless to say the one new player died allot leaving us with every sphere taking turns tachyon and torping us.

Yup reported AFK leech 1 and 2 then said in team chat "2 Leech so I am eating a leavers penalty. Have fun!" Back on ESD the other player that was good and playing it PM's me saying they ate one as well.

But good news an hour later the pug had 10 minutes on the optional left when the event was completed and I did my Tau Dewa patrol and aid deferi daily between them so no lost time with the penalty. Sometimes you get bad luck and get the worst a pug can offer and sometimes the mission is completed with optional ridiculously fast. I just dont pug CSE anymore because it fails most of the time and do probe duty in KSE when pugging.
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